Chronic Health Conditions

Healing that deepens your Enlightenment

Chronic mental, emotional and physical conditions are the most difficult. Healing chronic health conditions will test your endurance and your Enlightenment structures within all of the 9 pillars of this framework. The word chronic means it's been lasting for a long period of time or marked by frequent recurrence. This means it's a long-term habit or pattern. This video focuses on a physical health issue as these tend to contain mental and emotional aspects along with blind spots.

It really sux; chronic health conditions are awful and create a drag on the quality of life. If the condition includes physical pain it is even worse. Your motivation will typically be quite high to resolve the chronic condition or issue. Sometimes a chronic problem seems endless and impossible to heal. It is important to be persistent and explore the different avenues to heal it.

Chronic problems may push you to your limit of endurance. With the right attitude, you can use this issue to assist the Awakening process. Bring your Presence as best as you can into areas of your life where this issue is.

Pain is a great motivator, and it is also a great reason to be Present. Presence removes the mental suffering aspect of pain. As I describe in the video, the chronic lumbar spine pain I had for seven years was a core motivator for me to continue deepening my Correct Presence Practice. I had already entered phase 2 non-Abiding Awakening when I sustained spine damage in 2006. By the start of 2008 I had entered phase 3 Abiding Awakening (though I didn't know it at the time).

Having unpleasant levels of pain for prolonged periods was helped by my Presence practice. I learned that Presence really did take away the suffering aspect. It quelled the mind's desire to try and avoid the pain, which isn't possible. My Presence practice was also useful to help my body awareness and carefulness to not twang my back and make it worse.

In 2011 and 2012 I had extended periods of bad flare-ups. For months this painful condition persisted. It got to the stage where my deepening Awakening took me to the place where I realised the pain did not matter. A new level of freedom opened up and OK-ness regarding the pain occurred. The Presence and step 4 Divine of Correct Presence Practice was all that mattered. My adversity to the pain vanished into Presence is here and 'it is'. This took my conscious and unconscious Presence practice to another level. It is hard to fathom from a mental viewpoint that the painful hell was OK, but it was.

Upon reflection, this period was when I transitioned from phase 3 Abiding Awakening to phase 4 Matured Abidance. The No3 Evidence was starkly apparent because of this pain issue.

Obviously, I persisted by trying all avenues to get this condition resolved. Then by about September 2013 I managed to fully heal my problem. It's easy to forget how good life is when you don't have ongoing pain. When pain returns it's a reminder of how good it is to be without it. I have met many people over the years that have chronic issues. Some have extreme pain that has lasted for many years. I know what this is like, and the painful episodes in my life have taught me lots.

Pain has served me in many ways. It has certainly enhanced my journey into the phases of Awakening. It has motivated me to stick at it. I implore thee that if you are in this situation use it to motivate yourself. Even though it is truly horrible use it to dig deeper and really focus on your Correct Presence Practice.

In 2016 I had a biking accident. It created a cervical/thoracic misalignment where it felt like I was having a knife shoved in my back between my spine and scapula (shoulder blade). This was while I was working with that General Manager bully in a finance department. Acute physical pain and a hardcore bully at the same time. A double test of my Presence practice.

A friend who was an excellent retired osteopath worked on me to help straighten me out. He also has had severe chronic pain for many years (hence why he retired from practice). He was of the opinion it may go long-term chronic as his condition had. Yet my doggedly determined Presence practice bathed my physical, emotional and mental system with Presence and the Divine. That pain resolved in about 8 weeks. I managed to trigger that again in 2018 and why I made the physical pain video by the sea. I resolved it faster in 2018, that was until I was hit by a car on my bike and another 4 to 5 months of hideous chronic pain resulted.

My approach to these horrible aspects of life has certainly been practiced on multiple occasions. It has given me some amazing skills and certainly help deepen me into phases 4, 5 and 6 of the Awakening journey. Enlightenment and deepening happens faster when it's a priority and practiced with determination (while allowing everything to be as it is).

Your chronic health issue is the perfect excuse to work towards your entry into phase 3 Abiding Awakening and then phase 4 Matured Awakening.

Healing Chronic Conditions

Aspects to examine

Since 2006 I have managed to resolve six chronic conditions. Five of these have been related to physical pain. As noted in this and the blind spot examination video I am making significant progress with a seventh chronic issue of long-term sinusitis. They have taught me some hard-won lessons on what is required. Please examine this list to see if they will be of use to help resolve your chronic condition.

    There are many other factors to explore. Stay aware of the outcomes (No3 Evidence), use a journal so you can track changes. Do what works for you. Test everything and never assume (ass-you-me). Healing a chronic condition is always a life test and it is worth all the effort - Good Luck! May Grace be with you.

      • Correct Presence Practice. This is the fastest way to Awaken but it is also critical for healing physical problems. Correct Presence means you are fully grounded in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. This reduces stress at these three levels. Stress is the big factor that keeps the body, emotions and mind locked. This in itself may be sufficient to alleviate the condition.
      • Physical therapy. Your body may need physical assistance to be realigned. My pain issues were certainly helped by physical therapies. Your body functions best when its structures are functioning and in their proper place. You may need medical intervention, so explore that. Once a condition has impacted the body, something physical is typically required.
      • Body weight and diet. Examine your diet and body weight. The heavier you are for your bone frame the more stress that is placed on all body parts. Also internal fat squeezes your organs, circulatory system and nerves. Pinch your belly to measure how thick that fat is. Having worked in abattoirs what I observed was that external fat was replicated within the torso cavity. That internal visceral fat is highly dangerous as it holds toxins more so than other body fat.
      • I have experimented extensively with different types of diets to see what helped. When testing a diet I did it for a minimum of 60 days as that is long enough to form a body habit and release any inflammatory aspects from food types. The key measure of a diet and exercise regiment is your level of vitality. Vitality is the energetic zest for life. Vitality cannot be faked, and if it changes it is a clear indicator to find out why.
      • Energetic Healing. Receiving and learning to use spiritual healing methodologies can be of great assistance. Sometimes unseen esoteric issues may be impacting your system. The only way to resolve those is through spiritual healing to the appropriate esoteric structures. Phoenix healing, Golden Ray and Reiki can be truly fantastic and result in transformation. I highly recommend learning the Golden Ray as it is the esoteric half of the Laws of Grace. Our esoteric (spiritual) bodies have the Golden Ray infused through them. The Reiki and Golden Ray online courses I have here are based on Correct Presence Practice first as that aligns all of you so your energy healing bandwidth is maximised. Being properly aligned in Presence allows Grace (God's Will) to offer its help.
      • Exercise. This ought to be obvious. Physical fitness is extremely important. Movement helps function and toxin removal.
      • Coaching or counseling. Having external feedback to assist in healing your issues and your spiritual practice can greatly assist. Nothing beats personal feedback.
      • Hunt out blind spots. Yes, this is a challenge as we are naturally in denial about these and they are tough to resolve. However, these hidden aspects may be a root cause of a chronic condition.
      • Your environments. Do the environments you spend significant time in support you or drag you down? An environment can impact you in terms of stress due to the people and culture. Also, consider other factors like mold and chemical toxins. Have you had a decent holiday away from normal life stress and the internet?

      Personal feedback & healing

      So it's not a #1 What do you want, it's an I want this gone! A personal coaching session will help as will the healing courses to try a new way to resolve this issue and these do include 1on1 time for feedback and clarification.

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