DNA Healing & Enlightenment implications

DNA is hardcoded - the tough stuff

DNA is very important for life and also our spiritual evolution. Deoxyribonucleic acid is more than the blueprint of our body it also contains beliefs, habits and talents. Research is now proving that DNA is responsible for many things. DNA can literally hold, in physical form unwanted habits, beliefs and instincts that do not serve you in your spiritual journey. Thus DNA healing and inner practices can be hugely beneficial.

As I mentioned in the below video, I did reverse lactose intolerance through a DNA change process. I used the Harth Timeline process in combination with DNA techniques to turn on my Lactase Gene. That technique is in the Reiki 3 and Golden Ray Level 2 curriculums.

Do you want to be initiated into your Soul’s purpose? There is a lot of talk about this in the esoteric/spiritual literature. If you want to undertake this you can be guided here by someone who has been through it with daily guidance for years with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and others of higher vibration. 12 Strand DNA activation is a precise process, as is the Merkabah process that goes with it.

This upgrade of DNA is to be a one-on-one coaching course, it will involve Phoenix Healing. The timeline will be made to suit your level of advancement and personal characteristics, as we all have unique DNA and energy systems. It will suit your timeline for you to practice and activate in a smooth manner.

The result is your internal energy systems will be exponentially magnified as they upgrade to carry and enact your Soul’s Mission. These DNA initiations can only be carried out by someone who has these activated, thus is Awakened to the phase 5+ Transpersonal Abiding. This is required as it involves working with your Transpersonal Merkabah (not your smaller personal Merkabah that most literature only discusses) and below down to your cells, DNA and Earth Star. If you are unsure be sure what phase 5+ Transpersonal Awakening is please see and study these 6 webpages.

I state clearly the pitfalls of forcing Awakenings with drugs. The same applies to DNA and Merkabah activations. These are also filled with unseen issues that can have big impacts. Be safe and not sorry. Awakening is primarily about Presence, your energy systems will switch and activate as you are able to master the various levels of Presence.

This personal process will be arranged to suit you and your time frame, abilities and bandwidth. Naturally, the Rules of Grace apply, nothing will happen that is not serving your highest good. Grace may Time Lock aspects of this process so your life flows smoothly, until you are ready for it to activate (Your Soul is beyond time and space, so this is completely possible).

If you are feeling the call to make that jump into your Soul’s purpose and/or activate your 12 strand DNA then make contact or hit one of the options below and start this journey.

12 strand DNA & Merkabah activation

My Story of this amazing process

Working specifically with DNA came into my life in 1996, along with the inner DNA crew the Pleiadean Emissaries of the Light. Practices and working through books on this topic happened over many years. I paused all this work in 2003 and focused solely on the Wisdom Path of Correct Presence Practice until 2013 when I started teaching healing systems again. As proper phase 4 Matured Abiding Awakening had stabilised within me I was then able to access and be taught more esoteric healing knowledge directly from the inner Masters.

In mid-November 2013 I was invited by a being called Archangel Metatron into a 31 day activation process. I was taken through a major deep Awakening at the DNA level (and ongoing teaching since) which is still unfolding. I am sure that having landed in phase 4 Matured Abidance was why I was given this offer, as stated in the Bandwidth video.

These initiations continued during all of 2015 to late 2018 in an intense fashion, and have continued since, especially when recording the Laws of Grace course in 2020. Each time I continue to be given more teachings, techniques and significant Merkabah upgrades and Shakti activations. I was given Phoenix Healing as part of this so I can pass significant Grace driven healing to others. The AwakenedEssences made in this time contain vibrations to activate the 12 Strand DNA and assist in Awakening you.

The phase 5+ Transpersonal Awakening page gives some of the stories of the other Merkabahs you won't find mentioned on the internet. The Transpersonal Merkabahs can only happen once you are ready to move into the Transpersonal Cycle of Enlightenment. Grace will have it happen when you are ready, and typically around a teacher who is in phase 5+ Transpersonal level or higher. This was what happened to me. The Laws of Grace are exact and serious, shortcuts have consequences, or they fail. Presence is the base for a reason as it aligns all your different layers from your most base DNA up to your Soul. Your "Ego" needs to be stable and adjusted to handle this process.

That initiation isn't easy, and that is why pillar No2 does include all of you. Your Ego needs to be stable and adjusted to handle this process.

How to activate your DNA & Merkabah

This sort of process takes effort and commitment

If so please make contact and we can have a chat, and see if this is for you.

This process requires a daily practice/healing meditation (or at least 4 days a week). It also requires a proper Spiritual Guardian. Thus you will need to complete Golden Ray Level 1 Online, then we will continue the process with 1on1.

This is best suited to coaching or at one proper Phoenix healing set of sessions, depending on you. See the Services price list below.
The Golden Ray online is a great start, as it is those Guardians (Ascended Master, Archangels etc) I work with that activate and do the healing work with you.

Healing Courses: Harth Timeline, Gold Ray & Reiki (etc)

All healing courses include attunements via Phoenix Healing, assignment of your inner Master teacher/guardian from the Golden Crew who work with me, manual, videos and/or audio files. Coaching session/s included.
All courses come with an extra special 4 hour Guardian Gate keeper course. This is to help you develop strict spiritual hygiene and your inner guide relationships.

Healing course options & payment page

The DNA activation process can start more specifically with a Phoenix Healing. There are special practices you will be given, and there will be a requirement for a Phoenix healing to properly sense what is required. The Golden Ray Level 1 is a good start as it is the Golden Ray that encodes and gives life to the DNA.

Phoenix Healing: Grace Based Transformation

A Phoenix healing takes 4 sessions. 1. We clarify and set the healing path. We be certain the change is wanted and how others will react. 2. The Phoenix healing is performed at the Transpersonal level remotely 3. Two 1-on-1 feedback and adjustment sessions to ensure the change at the human level is smooth. A Phoenix healing can be part of regular coaching or an 8 session purchase.

Phoenix Healing Payment page