DNA Healing & 12 Strand DNA

Do you want your Soul’s birthright of 12 strand DNA to be activated?

Much of this AwakenedEssence site has implications for the DNA

Do you want to be initiated into your Soul’s purpose? There is a lot of talk about this in the esoteric / spiritual literature. If you want to undertake this process you can be guided by someone who has been though this process. 12 Strand DNA activation is a precise process, as is the Merkabah process that goes with it.

This upgrade of DNA is to be a one-on-one Mentoring course, it will involve Phoenix Healing. The timeline will be made to suit your level of advancement and personal characteristics, as we all have unique DNA and energy systems. It will suit your timeline for you to practice and activate in a smooth manner.

The result is your internal energy systems will be exponentially magnified as they upgrade to carry and enact your Soul’s Mission. This DNA initiations can only be carried out by someone who has these activated, thus is Awakened to the Abiding level for a number of years (if you are unsure be sure to read both my websites and understand it – then ask the person – if they can’t answer the questions you pose then they are simply not there in the Abiding place – its that simple).

This course will be arranged to suit you and your time-frame, abilities and Soul Light. Naturally the Rules of Grace apply, nothing will happen that is not serving your highest good. Grace may Time Lock aspects of this process so your life flows smoothly, until you are ready for it to activate (Your Soul is beyond time and space, so this is completely possible).

If you are feeling the call to make that jump into your Soul’s purpose and/or activate your 12 strand DNA then make contact or hit one of the options below and start this journey.

My story: 12 strand DNA & Merkabah activation

The 12 Strand DNA and base of DNA work came into my life in 1996, along with the inner DNA crew the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. Practices and and working through books on this topic happened over many years. Until I paused all this work in 2003 and focused solely on the Wisdom Path until 2013 when I started teaching healing systems again. As proper phase 4 Abiding Awakening had bee stabilised and continued to deepen I was then able to access and be taught more knowledge.

In mid November 2013 I was invited by a being called Metatron a 31 day activation process. I was taken through a major deep Awakening at the DNA level (and ongoing teaching since) which is still unfolding. This is on top of the Abidance Awakening that occurred at the end of 2007.

These initiations continued through 2015 and to late 2017 (they don’t seem to stop!). Each time I continue to be given more teachings, techniques and significant Merkabah upgrades and Shakti activations. I was given Pheonix Healing as part of this so I can pass significant Grace driven healing to others. The AwakenedEssences made in this time contain vibrations to activate the 12 Strand DNA and assist in awakening you.
The Advanced Awakening page gives some of the stories of the other Merkabahs you won’t find mentioned on the internet, the Transpersonal Merkabahs.

Interested in true DNA and Merkabah activation?

If so please hit the free call button and we can have a chat, and see if it is for you. This process requires daily practice, and a proper Spiritual Guardian.

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