LightFibre healing systems

LightFibre healing systems are a variety of ancient and Grace-given healing systems that facilitate a smooth and swift entry of your inner light, wisdom, and consciousness into the body. It is effectively a modern form of the ancient healing schools from Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis with the addition of new knowledge and systems. Currently, there are two main branches; Infinity LightFibres and the LightFibre Stitching system. These continue to develop and grow within the Laws of Grace and the 9 pillar framework as there is a direct inter-linking of our esoteric/spiritual bodies with our Awakening.

Infinity LightFibres system covers

The interconnecting relationships between the 7 body chakras and also the beyond-body chakras.
A system to balance and strengthen each area and remove imbalances using an infinity flow dynamic.
How to balance and harmonise yin/yang, masculine/feminine, Father/Mother, Spirit/Earth, Shakti/Shiva and most importantly Higher Wisdom with egoic patterning.
Assisting the working inter-relationships between the different chakras to assist you in becoming a more rounded and balanced person.
Learning to operate more from your higher source rather than the lower egoic state. The egoic state being the least flexible aspect of your unconscious mind which tends to rule behaviour).
With this system the weaker areas can be enhanced with the knowledge and support of your other chakras, soul, and connectedness with the earth and the “One”.
Internal linking of the Higher centers to the lower centers, allowing the wisdom to flow to a practical level in life.
Anchoring Higher centers with the Earth, so you are grounded.
DNA healing and re-booting of original DNA ‘software’ systems to stop protective behavior causing problems in the body and have normal function restored.

What fascinates me with the knowledge given is it builds on your own strengths and inner abilities for you to balance, ground and integrate yourself. This lightwork healing system was given to me on 27th August 2013 via Grace. This was probably related to Sri Shakti Durga making a personal comment to me about my potential when visiting her Melbourne ashram the night before. Every day since I have been taught more of this method. I am being taught this system by Archangel Metatron (the King of the Archangels), Ascended Master St Germain, Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. The outcomes of this system is the ability to have a solid groundedness while being aware as the One and go about normal daily life.

LightFibre Stitching system

This is a system where healing energy is used to literally stitch together and heal the different bodies inside the human form. We humans are more than just a physical body. With Lightfibres all the different bodies are re-connected with the associated issue released. This includes the physical body, etheric, emotional, astral, lower mental, upper mental, then bliss body through the Soul/Higher-Self. Other aspects of different energy channels and esoteric energetic landmarks may also be worked with.

The LightFibres system has previously not been written about, as far as I have been able to ascertain. It can be taught but can only be done so via practical experience.

If you already have extensive experience in healing and energy works disciplines you may be quite ready to learn this system. LightFibres is a Metasystem meaning it uses all the tools from different healing systems, then applies it in a different way to integrate the healing process. If that interests you please make contact.

Due to the nature of this healing system the practitioner must have a level of maturity and depth because some of these internal landmarks when worked with will have a massive impact on the individual receiving the treatment.

Two streams of the LightFibre stitching

Physical Therapies: Suited to Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists (etc). This works on getting the correct release within the physical body. Take working with trigger points and energy channels to another level.

Lightworker: For people who are into advanced energetic healing systems. If you are already have extensive experience in a few energy systems then this will amplify your effectiveness. For those that want to learn this system and don’t have that experience I can also tutor you on the systems that are suited to your abilities.

These systems methodologies are specialist healing systems: If you want to know more or receive a healing with them being used please book a free call on the contact form if you have any questions to see if it is right for you.

Any questions my phone number in the footer or email via the contact page.