Workshops & Classes

Short class or Meditation

These classes are run so it maximises your experience and growth as I have run trainings and class meditations for over 25 years. Please pay for the class if pre-payment is required (Reiki and Golden Ray courses). I'll email this information to you if required.

Please bring:
1. A pillow or cushion if you like to sit on the floor or to add to the chairs supplied.
2. Water bottle (less things to tip over).

Please keep in mind - SAFTEY. There is a bunch of heavy amethyst caves in the room. They are also fragile. If you sit on the floor you may be right next to one, or be given one to have in front of you. Please keep fingers out of them unless I inform you otherwise. Some of these caves have tiny and fragile structures in them.

Try and be timely and be at my place 15mins before the start time so you are settled.

Shoes can be left outside or in the entry room downstairs (safety). Bags and Phones (on silent) stay downstairs– if your phone needs to stay with you please inform me prior with the reason.

"Expect the Unexpected" as I have no idea what will happen, except one thing – amazing! And it usually is! There has never been one that has not been amazing.

Please txt me if you will be late or cancelling at the last moment as we wait if people are late. The sooner we start the better.

The door will be locked when we start, to keep belongings safe and stop late entry (I would have texted you to see where you are before that).


Meditation & Class overview

1. Introductions of participants.
2. If you have a spiritual teacher or religion please let it be known. Variety in the group always adds a special dimension. And if you like I’ll “call” them in honour of your faith and we shall see if they show. We have had some special moments because of this. Some meditations are strictly “Presence or innerPeace” (like Eckhart Tolle teaches) only thus no spiritual techniques will be used. If so Spirit always shows up anyway - they won't miss a party.
3. I’ll give a brief overview of how the meditations tend to flow and why I say some of the things I do. The meditations are heavily focused on Body awareness to bring you into Presence. These will be similar to the videos (etc) n the membership sections.
4. We have the meditation. That goes for 60 to 70 mins, depending on the energy (trust me, it does not seem that long). I often talk a lot so it is fully guided so you can stay focused.
I go with the flow with that I feel, sense and am “told”. This usually leads to something deep and wonderful. These meditations are powerful, so change happens if you want it. Also please note if you don’t want change then say no. If the energy feel too much ask inside for it to be turned down. Free will (your right to choose) is the number 1 priority.
5. We have a debrief where everyone shares so their experience of the meditation so it is integrated and questions are answered. All of this is angled so you can use this in your life as a practical tool.

Often in meditations you may be presented with an opportunity by Spirit to “give something up” (something you don’t want in your life, drama, pain, suffering) or ask for something (a goal, peace, something internal, healing). Just follow my instructions at the time if you wish. If you don’t feel inclined to follow the instructions then that is also perfect.

The next day if you have any queries of feel different in some way please do call and we can help you understand what has happened.

Looking forward to seeing you. You are welcome to call / txt and ask questions about the events once they are emailed to you.

They may also publicised on the AwakenedEssence Facebook page.

Day and Weekend courses

Please pay through the email links. I can send you bank details if you like. Cancellation within 36 hours and I don't fill your place you will get a 50% refund. If I fill your spot it will be a 100% refund. The thing with Spirit, as indicated in the webpages and videos of the Laws of Grace is the committed one's are the ones that find lasting inner peace, Presence and Joy, and this is what these courses are all about.

If classes are delayed or cancelled you will be notified and asked if you either want a refund or to wait until the next class.

Please note some classes need to be prepaid preferably a week or more in advance to secure manual and attunement (the online component - links will be in the email). It will be assumed you have read the manual and practised the symbols in the manual. Resits / repeat students will be offered a discount.
If this is the case the sooner you enrol and pay the online component the more you will benefit. If you cannot pay by internet transfer please let me know to arrange something else. Make sure your name is in the details so I know who’s is who’s.

Be ready for a life change!

Please read through the website, the more familiar with the material here the most you will get from the workshop. Usually we are presented with gifts of Grace by the Divine Beings that love and support humanity - read the Gifts of Grace page twice. Make the most of this most special chance when it crops up. Seriously read the all the core material in the meditate and awaken menus at the top of this website, once if not three times. Write questions out and bring them.

Some classes like Reiki and Golden Ray is a kind of initiation process. Once you pay and email me I want you to start observing your hands and energy system. Indicate in that email when you pay if you want to be “attuned”. I can do the attunement via Phoenix Healing. This will help the opening process and start widening and clearing your healing channels (macrocosmic circuit in Taoism) and healing chakras.

Workshop times - travel - carpooling:
Please arrive on time, overestimate travel times.
I’d be happy to let others on your way / area know each other is so carpooling can happen, this will help with group dynamics. Let me know your suburb and I can see who is close or on the way.

Lunch & nibbles
Food and nibbles are an important aspect of these workshops, time to chat and integrate form what is usually amazing events. Bring something to share for lunch, something with substance, biscuits are great for nibbles but not lunch. Food will be a pot luck mix and usually there is enough for all dietary types, veg or meat. I can heat food in the oven. No cooking raw stuff please - its workshop time so make sure its ready to eat or heat.
If you are especially food sensitive, bring what you need plus some to share. Your senses will be alive so the food will taste great. And also bring some nibbles or something to share in the short breaks.
There are no close and convenient shops.
Bring a water bottle!
If it is winter bring extra socks and a blanket, so you can snuggle in.

My Place and its Location is supplied upon payment / contact.

Start and finish times!

Try and be timely aim to be 20 min early so we can get settled, put food an stuff away and get started on the button. One person will hold up the entire group and waste our time, so don’t be that person. Traffic trouble is typical so expect it.
Finish time is probably 5pm unless otherwise stated, we may finish as late as 5:30 to 6pm. Thus do not plan to rush away before then it has a massive impact on group energy. We may finish early if we get seriously toasted by the energy and we can’t take any more amazingness.

After course care

You will be open and full of newness. Going out to groups, restaurants and such may be a bit full on. I suggest you plan a quiet evening. Booze will hit you like a hammer. 1 drink and you'll be sloshed.
The next few days please call if any issues or odd feelings crop up. Feeling a bit nutty or emotional (as your psychology integrates with your new normal) or more Grace happening is typical.

Travel, if by public transport:
Directions will be given when we communicate depending on location. Someone may be able to drop you closer to home/train line after the class, people come from all directions.

Terms & Conditions

As with anything in this site the Terms & Conditions page in the footer apply over and above the below, thus they apply if you read them or not as its a condition of being in my website and anything associated with it. But this stuff is needed as we live in an insane world where pepole do not take self -responsibility for their actions and choices.
These are added here as you will be in a workshop or class, so please read.

  • Service Payment Terms. This is required before the course so I can send the manual and "pre-attune you" if it is a course of that type. Once paid you will be pre-attuned and the manual emailed. This in non-refundable, once the manual is emailed, as with any electronic product. If something arises and you cannot attend your scheduled date you can re-book at a later stage. Balance owing to be given at the start of the course please if full payment is not given beforehand. Please pay through the email links. I can send you bank details if you like. Cancellation within 36 hours and I don't fill your place you will get a 50% refund. If I fill it 100% refund. The thing with Spirit, as indicated in the web-pages and videos of the Laws of Grace is the committed one's are the ones that find lasting inner peace, Presence and Joy, and this is what these courses are all about.
  • Phones go off / silent mode and in the spare room, unless family member is in hospital is the only exception. Bags, shoes, etc are to be stored in the kitchen or spare room. Lounge is to be kept clear of personal stuff except your water bottle and clothes.
  • Personal responsibility. You are responsible for yourself. Personal boundaries can be an issue so speak to them if it arises.
  • You are fully responsible for you own health and safety in my HOME. To be there is the same as if you are visiting a friend's home. Thus you take 100% responsibility for yourself, and keep belongings in a tidy manner so you or another does not trip or injure themselves.
  • Please note that Golden Ray is a fully clothed semi physical system, thus touch is important in terms of the learner and receiver of the Golden Ray when we practice the new skills.
  • Body areas that are usually covered with “underwear” will not be touched. It is your responsibility to notify if you have concerns with other areas, like the belly.
  • In attunements the crown, thymus (to attune the Heart Chakra, but avoid touching the chest), hands, shoulder, knees and feet will be touched. Other areas like the forehead, solar plexus / gut may also be attuned if needed during these times. Please notify me if you have any areas you are sensitive to.
  • Everyone’s experiences, beliefs and capabilities are different. If something is said by anyone (including myself) that you do not like, then ignore it. The Golden Ray course is spiritual by nature so Archetypal energies, guides, Archangels and the Ascended Masters (etc) will be mentioned. Weather you believe in these, or experience them, or not, is not important. Some will experience them, others will not. People may give you feedback that you disagree with, please if this happens then just ignore it or even better, choose to take a look at it. Expect the unexpected.
  • Sometimes as you reach new levels of awareness and/or in the processes themselves you may be presented with ideas that challenge your previous ways of thinking or being that you may find personally confronting. This is natural, please allow yourself to know this is normal.
  • Emotional situations may arise. Allowing yourself to experience and feel sadness and grief is natural. You are welcome to do this and you will be supported to a safe conclusion. If others are in sadness or grief stay with your own process as it may assist you in going deeper. Don’t touch or distract them, unless they indicate they want physical support or tissues.
  • Course is an introduction. It takes years to master and understand all the layers. Mentoring is useful. The golden Ray is an Awakening / Enlightenment school. It has been taught for over 30,000 years.
  • Throw out what you don’t like, and if you can remain open to new things.
  • Learning is 100% your responsibility, guidance is given above as to how to maximise this.
  • Your interpretation of the course, its content and experiences will be different to everyone else, it is a unique journey.
  • Confidentiality: All work carried out together will be kept in the highest confidence. No personal details imparted by either party in our discussions will be disclosed to any third party without the other’s consent. I may discuss material with my supervisor / Mentor to ensure further improvement of service.
  • Limitations of Service. Please be advised that any work you do with myself is not a substitute for any medical advice or health treatment. I am neither a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist, nor trained in medical diagnosis and take no responsibility related to client physical or mental health issues. If you are concerned about your health or mental wellbeing, please visit your doctor, psychiatrist or counsellor prior to our sessions/ workshop.
  • Any issues with the above please talk to me, to not discuss these beforehand is deemed full agreement.

🙂 Jason

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