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Yes! Consulting for meeting company objectives of fulfilled employees

You can have full alignment with company objectives of company profit with great staff loyalty, productivity and enhanced team dynamics whilst providing the human option of empowerment, growth and fulfillment. Great leaders know and act on the knowing that looking after their staff gets better results – it is not just works they implement it.

The inner peace approach meets that deeper human drive for fulfillment.

The natural human drive for fulfillment can be consciously represented by the desire for success, goal achievement, happiness or spiritual development. Unconsciously this may be represented by destructive behaviour patterns such as office politics, power plays, bullying at the office level.

Other ways that impact the office and workplace are addictions, substance abuse, mid-life crisis, relationship affairs and so on. Everybody knows Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from their management 101 courses.

The solution is to meet these conscious and unconscious drives head on.

Inner peace mentoring is about focusing in this moment and this situation to be fully resourceful with all your capabilities. Therefore any situation can be met with consciousness, poise, creativity via these skill sets to make the best of any situation. The result is challenging work, or life, situations become the learning ground.

To avoid, complain, and looking for other places to work is not the solution. In an environment where inner peace methods are used a proactive approach with a peaceful undercurrent is developed instead of avoidance, stress, shut-down, tiredness, sickness and destructive behaviour.

These services are for the business that is serious about being cutting edge, being staff supportive and maximising their training dollar to produce quality staff who perform beyond their old limits to their new found and growing abilities.

It is common-sense knowledge that staff perform best when they are supported, and have the right tools to do so. What is more, staff who are have these higher needs being met will show loyalty, exude warmth and those other non-tangibles that create a great customer service environment and top quality services and products. Your staff will genuinely enjoy their job more.

Staff will not willingly leave a work environment they enjoy or better still a workplace that supports them. It is a rare company that does this, so be a company that leads by example.

Workplace culture enhancement to inner peace & productivity

Workplace culture can be enhanced to one of productivity and a great work environment. Working with groups and culture modification has been a key area of focus of mine for over twenty years.

As a trainer, I know culture development is the key to a successful team outcome. If you are looking to improve workplace culture then I offer some unique solutions. Culture improvement strategies enhance dynamics to improve staff interacting and functioning.

Leadership & management development

This inner peace method with mentoring naturally develops desirable leadership qualities. Defined leadership qualities can also be used as an active focus in mentoring to suit each person. Meta values that are embodied and lived such as integrity and congruency are the hallmarks of great leaders and managers.

Managers and leaders that embody desirable traits align the company culture. This top down approach is the most effective and inspires all staff as congruency is always a great motivator (both conscious and unconscious) for others as a model of how to perform and behave. In-congruent behaviours become naturally less tolerable with no effort since it becomes something outside the organisational norm.

Leadership development can be arranged separately or in conjunction with other services.

A no obligation discussion and proposal can be arranged to see if culture development or leadership development suits your team or work environment. Culture change and leadership development programs can be implemented with the meditation and active work skills or after, or as a separate consulting service.

You’re welcome to call me now to find out more: Jason on +61435522535 or send an email via the contact form.

For real change to take effect it requires someone who walks the talk and lives it to teach it

That is the difference inner peace mentoring with Jason brings to you and your workplace. True change occurs when the core of an individual changes. This is where inner peace works, thus it changes everything for the better as consciousness is applied via these easily applicable methods.

This inner peace approach is a structural superset to productivity, peace, clear thinking, developing derisible personality traits. It encompasses group development and culture enhancement. It contains skill sets such as meditation, conflict resolution, stress release and much more.

This is the Meta-set that contains the subsets of methods such as mindfulness, emotional intelligence and other self-improvement approaches.

The more one lives and investigates this approach the more one experiences how infinitely rich this is. One eventually experiences that inner peace is always here, and while life may be tough and feel tough that inner peace is the undercurrent. That makes life much more liveable and enriched. This is then experienced in the workplace and at home.

You can help your staff feel good about your company, show you care not just about improved profits and productivity but their wellbeing, and your company gets the benefits both ways.

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