Workplace Meditation

These meditation skill sets give the ability to access relaxed and resourceful states in all areas of business. This workplace meditation can be applied eyes open, closed, while talking, working on the computer, and while walking to the photocopier. Tap (touch screen / phone)/ click the picture to watch

When this meditation is practiced in many situations at work and home it leads to a fully integrated life that is filled with peace, creativity, joy and aliveness.

It adds a richness and fullness leaving you feeling balanced, happy and vibrant in your current job and home life. You realise that you are happiness doing things, instead of doing things to make you happy! This is quite a different way to live.

Why meditate at work?

Stress busting. innerPeace practice dissolves stress through awareness.
Improved energy levels. Occurs naturally since you will notice where unnecessary tension and stress is held. Thus more energy is available for useful outcomes.
Happiness. Yes, at work, happiness is natural and this method lets it be felt in most situations in both easy and some tough times.
When life is tough you have the capacity to feel peace in the turmoil to help you through it so you function at your best.
Creativity and focus. The innerPeace method activates all of your brain (left, right and neo-cortex and inner brain) the outcomes are greater understanding, focus and creativity.
Better decision making. As the whole brain is used and emotions are kept in check better decisions are made.
Emotional competency. You stop being a slave to negative emotions. Destructive emotions and behaviours are changed or used constructively with the innerPeace method.
Leadership, management and team skills develop. All of the above remove blocks and limits allowing natural abilities to cooperate, encourage, communicate and aspire yourself and others to be more available. People respond to your inner peace as it is naturally attractive and desirable. unpleasant things happen.

The practice and skill set you learn becomes a habit. It changes your whole life so you are more resourceful and at peace at home, in life and when life tests you. The resource of inner peace you build at work is transferable to all life. Caution: Peace and Happiness may spread throughout your life.

All workplace meditation classes are guided, unique and delivered spontaneously to meet the groups specific needs. The inner peace methodology teaches a person to access peace and clarity regardless of distractions, stress, a busy mind or emotional disturbances. The result is this process can then be applied in all areas of business and home life. This is why it enriches all areas of life and creates a better work life balance, reduced stress and improved behaviour patterns.

This method I teach is creating swift and profound changes with people in my private practice. These people are experiencing growth in four months that other methodologies and practices take six to twenty years to attain. That is the evidence presented by people who are using what I share. In twenty-seven years of researching and practising many other methodologies I have never witnessed such fast growth and change by a wide range of individuals.

Corporate programs and workshops can be arranged. Please make contact here.

Corporate/Workplace team meditation sessions

By arrangement at your place of business, or a booked venue. These can be tailored to length and aimed to suit specific needs, such as idea generation, implementation planning etc.

Instructions are given each time as this is why the inner peace method is so effective. Each time you may learn something new and deepen your practice.

For example meditations can be 30 minutes long, with fifteen minutes change-over and time for questions.

Drop-in early morning classes: 7:00-7:30, 7:45-8:15, 8:30-9:00

Lunchtime classes: 12:00-12:30, 12:45-13:15, 13:30-14:00

Depending on your work environment and numbers of staff.

After the initial training course, format can be changed for refreshers, or if numbers support and ongoing planned session that are employer paid or partially subsidised.

One-on-one sessions can be arranged to support workplace implementation. Specific issues can be resolved or mentoring on methodology and implementation can be given.

To find out more call Jason 61435522535, or fill in the contact form.

Individual and private client meditation sessions

Want to know how to apply meditation practices at work? I can mentor you through this. As I mention inthe video there are many ways to tune into your inner Peace when at work. Sessions can be on phone or online and are available during or after normal business hours and weekends (depending on time zone).

One-on-one sessions can be arranged to suit, this is part of a mentoring program of any duration. Employer paid or partially subsidised sessions can also be arranged. If you want your own personal program hit the button below.

This is two hour course and sessions can be a mix of 1 hour or 30 minute blocks for feedback and tuning.

Book a session or Free 25min chat if you have questions. Alternatively, if you want an extended 90 minute first phone/Skype session for $150 tap this link. Feel the evidence.

“Ever since I’ve known Jason and experienced his meditations, my life has become more and more conscious and balanced. I’m now aware more than ever before of how to resolve disagreements both at home and work, I have become more centered in myself and so more confident and able to communicate more clearly….”
Melissa T, Corporate Wellness Center Remedial Therapist