“I have truly benefited from Jason’s Inner Peace workshops. Working in the ever stressful corporate world, I can bring my new found calmness to the work place. The techniques Jason has passed on have helped me gain added focus and clarity to optimise the delivery of my objectives and to help me cope with the requests of very demanding clients.”
Ruth C
Consultant Data Strategist

“Working with Jason has created a level of deep inner peace from which I have been able to tap into many innate tools to be more resourceful. Activating these tools has transformed my life and completely reversed stress that I had accumulated and prevented me from absorbing further stress from work, family and life in general. My focus has increased as has my confidence, productivity and goal achievement and I am now a lighter and happier with increased success!”
Jenny P
Case Manager, aged and disability services

“I am a new small business owner with past eleven years in large corporate analytical and executive roles. Like many people, I’ve read self-improvement texts and made surface-level behavior changes, yet my internal experience (especially in testing, “triggering” situations) remained “same old”. After Jason’s sessions this year, I was able to see my unproductive thought patterns, as if from the outside, and to let go of many. I now experience my day to day life more fully and richly. I jump up every morning, excited about my day, and in trying interpersonal situations have grace, patience and strategic thinking which hadn’t been available to me before. I also work harder than ever on back-end projects, yet I am only more energised for client and marketing interactions.”
Anya C
Health Professional

“I deal with incredible stress, grief and loss with my personal clients and their families. I have found my work difficult to deal with at times. From working with Jason I have learnt to deal with their and my stress, pain and exhaustion. This has helped me to give a higher standard of quality outcomes for myself and clients. I can deal with stress effectively. I feel that I am a more peaceful, happy and vibrant person. I thank Jason for his support and help as I am becoming the person I had dreamed of becoming.”
Case Manager, Aged and disability services

“My professional life has been spent mostly as a teacher and like all other professions, it engenders high levels of stress and burnout. In 2006 I discovered meditation, and have found it to be life changing. Over time it has literally transformed my work life along with most other aspects of my life…… I have attended a number of Jason’s sessions and from the very first one, he led us straight into the place of peace and stillness, or ‘presence’. He does this with humour, simplicity and ease. This is the hallmark of an effective meditation teacher, one who takes us into the transformational realm. It is from here that one’s life can change profoundly…. Over time, the effects of ‘presence’ are felt by others – clients, students, patients, business partners…… I came to realise that this is how we are meant to be…… and I haven’t looked back.”
Rosemary G

“I’m a community mental health nurse, currently working for a private psychiatrist, Ive worked in this field for over twenty years. For the past year I’ve attended Jason’s meditation groups, his full day workshops and also one on one mentoring with him when required. My job is quite demanding, mentally and physically, requiring me to be fully attentive and able to fulfill many roles such as assessments of clients needs, support, liaising with many organizations, family, other care givers. I’m on the road most of the time, visiting people with complex mental health issues ie; depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety just to name a few. Prior to my regular practice of meditation, I would find myself exhausted, distracted, burnt out day after day. It left me no time for me, or my children. I’ve found since I’ve been a regular participant in meditation, that my energy levels are much higher, I participate in more activities both within work and at home. I feel more creative and have definitely developed the ability to be more present in whatever task I’m undertaking, making me more efficient. My concentration has improved, I’m able to physically keep up with the demands of my job and still have energy at the end of the day to fulfill my role as a single mum of 3. I love my job, it’s a big part if my life, I’m fortunate to work with amazing people and I believe I’ve seen huge shifts in my clients as I use a lot of the techniques that I’ve learnt from Jason with them.”
Fiona B
Psych Nurse

“I first attended an innerPeace workshop 6 months ago out of personal interest and curiosity. At the time I had no idea how my experience would affect the next few months of my life. When I first met Jason, I had been struggling a lot with endless thinking and stressing out over insignificant things for some time, during this period all areas of my life were impacted in undesirable ways. Problems were being created out of nothing which was my taking my focus off the important aspects of my day to day life. After attending my first workshop, I realised how easily and effectively I was able to enter a peaceful state, my priority then became to “de-stress” and re-energise myself before starting my new job, which had taken a lot of hard work to find. With the assistance of innerPeace mentoring, in both one-on-one and workshop environments, I have learned easy-to-implement skills’ which put my mind at ease and maintain a happy level of peace, By doing so I am able to more competently fulfill my role in the workplace in a manner that is more efficient, more professional and generally more effective whilst remaining alert. Since my mind is no longer constantly draining me, I’ve seen improvement within my own memory, attitude and understanding of concepts and of course I have more room to be more conscious of workplace hazards and unhealthy practices, as an electrician, this is crucial!”
Dan Q

“Ever since I’ve known Jason and experienced his meditations, my life has become more and more conscious and balanced. I’m now aware more than ever before of how to resolve disagreements both at home and work, I have become more centered in myself and so more confident and able to communicate more clearly. This has left me feeling more at peace, balanced and with a better understanding of myself. This is especially helpful when stress or emotions are running in full force (at work or at home). I can now feel the emotions yet choose how I act rather than just reacting to the situation and the emotions it triggers. This has created a sense of greater understanding and closer working and family relationships while discovering more about myself and having fun!”
Melissa T
Corporate Wellness Center Remedial Therapist

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