Inner Peace skills for in-work application

These active skill sets will boost your productivity and help you face challenges that enrich rather than stress.

This skill set is required to bring inner peace concretely into all workplace activities. Tap/click the picture to watch

This is the “how to” for remaining energised and at peace in the modern work environment

To have peace when sitting in closed eye meditation has some great benefits, but having this in activity is where the benefits are multiplied. These simple but powerful skills, once used become second nature as a habit. Once these are experienced as working you use them more. Learn and practice a useful range of skills that:

Activate the whole brain for greater decision making, clearer thinking.
That relax the body and mind while you work thus keeping you at your most resourceful and productive.
Skills to use at your computer, to keep you alert and not lost in cyber land. To keep you connected to all your abilities and body.
Skills that assist OHS as you are more alert, aware and able to spot and avoid hazards while you move around the workplace.
Use your computer and phone to help you develop a practice that enhances your awareness and inner peace during your day.
Skills that keep you in the creative and optimal working state.

This active working skill set is easy to add to the eyes closed workplace meditation skill set. These skills are transferable, and build into all areas of your life. This is total integration of workplace and home-life enrichment.

Training options for workplace inner peace skills

These skills are require learning, activation, then practice with follow-up sessions to further integrate and clarify giving the new habits the best chance to become normal. The workplace meditation program provides the basic skills and foundation, adding these active skill sets is an easy extension that multiplies the benefits.

Group Training: In the workplace, mentoring and feedback sessions are arranged so learning and skills sets can be settled in your specific work environment. To fully maximise progress participants are asked to monitor their progress, ask questions or share insights. The intended outcome is the team develops (or yourself if under an individual mentoring program) the core active working skill set to live in inner peace in an accelerated manner at work. A range of modules can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Individual Training: Mentoring by phone or online can be tailored to suit each individual.

Skill set modules include:

Freeing yourself of mind filled thinking. Good for creativity, focusing on one task, and removing distraction.
Interacting with others in conversation and remaining aware in innerPeace. This is the art of true listening.
How to practice in movement (walking, simple activities like using the photocopier, driving and exercise).
Emotional Intelligence – Emotional Competency how to develop it so you have choices over your behaviour when emotions happen.
Thinking about innerPeace methods as opposed to doing it; it is more than a mental activity.
Understanding how innerPeace practice is different from religious, spiritual, psychological processes and self-help practices. Learn how innerPeace practice fits with those to enhance them.
Computer and phone strategies for enhancing your practice at work.
Creative thinking and system thinking. How to use non-linear thinking to break out of predictable ways and outcomes. Learn the key to fast change and solving problems.
Dealing with a stressful interaction at work. How to do this before, during or after these events.
How to be at inner peace when in routine activities such as eating, being in the lift.

These skill sets give the ability to access relaxed and resourceful states in all areas of business. This workplace meditation can be applied eyes open, closed, while talking, working on the computer, and while walking to the photocopier.

When this meditation is practised in many situations at work and home it leads to a fully integrated life that is filled with peace, creativity, joy and aliveness.

It adds a richness and fullness leaving you feeling balanced, happy and vibrant in your current job and home life. You realise that you are happiness doing things, instead of doing things to make you happy! This is quite a different way to live.

If you have any questions about the value of these active skill sets please call Jason on +61435522535 or make contact here.

OHS improvement, Health and Stress reduction:

Learn physical strategies that include the inner peace approach that helps prevent workplace injuries, and re-occurrence of old physical symptoms.
Learn short Presence boost meditations (eyes open and eyes closed).
Conflict strategy; so you can resolve problems with other people.
Inquiry basics; how to change reactions and behaviours to how you would rather behave and respond in situations. As part of this learn how to change belief patterns, emotional triggers and values systems. Inquiry is the power tool of change, learning and using this with the above takes your life to a new levels of mastery and potential.

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