Workplace inner peace

Be at your best in the workplace and at home. Break the boundaries into inner peace, life balance and resourcefulness. Work then becomes the place where you grow as a person and not just to fill you bank account.

This is a cutting edge and a world-class leading meditation and mentoring system that suits all workplaces from the corporate to primary industries, including:

Workplace meditation methods
Practical skills for stress reduction and innerPeace when in active settings
Mentoring for enhanced performance and innerPeace
Open access early morning and lunchtime meditation classes
Tailored group presentations, workshops and consulting
Corporate consulting
Leadership skills development
Workplace culture change

This inner peace method helps staff actively learn to use their consciousness in a way that helps them to be productive and more happy at the same time.

This is a true win/win, not just in word but in fact. Be one of those few companies that implements something of real value to your staff that also benefits the whole company.

Being resourceful, creative, energetic and with a mind that works with you is something we all want. To be able to work and live without life’s events, stresses and emotions knocking us around would certainly be a great relief, making work and home life more enjoyable. inner peace mentoring and meditation skills teach you just that. The methods are proven with peoples’ lives being transformed in a very short time.

After attending my first workshop, I realised how easily and effectively I was able to enter a peaceful state, my priority then became to de-stress and re-energise myself…by doing so I am able to more competently fulfill my role in the workplace in a manner that is more efficient, more professional and generally more effective whilst remaining alert.” Dan Q, Electrician

Transformational change, growth, inner resourcefulness with joy are happening to people in many work settings. Can you imagine feeling joy in your current job and situation? You can have this through learning and using these simple techniques for a successful, enriched and more enjoyable life. Nobody else nor your environment needs to change for this to happen. This is completely possible, people are living this right now with this inner peace approach.

If this was implemented in your team or workplace can you imagine the benefits? These simple but powerful tools change people and their approach to work very fast when used.


Learn this core skill that can be used as a meditation but also while you work, think and do activities. Classes are guided so you learn, practice and integrate these skills so you can apply them immediately. Each class is unique.

Open group inner peace meditations are available early morning before work and at lunchtime.

Workplace and closed group and individual meditations are available by arrangement.

Individually tailored methods are available through individual and group coaching sessions.


Individual mentoring is profoundly powerful.

The inner peace coaching methodology cuts straight to the unconscious and subconscious patterning and allows you to change how you think, feel and behave in a swift and easy fashion. What can take decades of therapy can be transformed in a short period of time.

People are experiencing easy and profound change with this form of mentoring. Mentoring can be used to develop leadership traits, change unwanted behaviours, achieve goals, and most of all help you meet and align your true desires both in the workplace and the rest of your life.

In mentoring you will be taught world leading change processes that allow change and smooth integration. Private or business based; sessions are available in person, phone or online during or after business hours.

Corporate programs and workshops can be arranged. Please make contact here.

Tailored presentations, workshops and consulting

Inner peace methods open creativity, resourcefulness, cooperation and make an environment one of collaboration and information sharing. Teams can transform if this approach is implemented.

This can be further supported by small team facilitation and individual mentoring so both team and personal objective are achieved.

Leadership, management and people skills development is the outcome, as these natural qualities are developed and enhanced through this process.

Workplace consulting services

Cover four areas, all custom based to suit your outcomes:
1. Workplace Meditation.
2. Active inner peace work skill sets. Where inner peace is used in workplace activities.
3. Culture change where inner peace methods create a dynamic and vibrant workplace.
4. Leadership and management development. Mentoring and training for those people and organisations that want the best leadership and management for their organisation and themselves.

Services are evidence-based for individuals and teams

If these services are implemented, change and improvement is inevitable.

In 27 years of observation in many contexts and settings I have seen there is a 100% correlation of evidence that the use of these methods causes positive change and outcomes.

One-on-One Affordable Pricing

Personal Coaching can cover what ever topics you like that are contained in this website. One-on-One coaching will help you experience what I discuss in the videos. This makes it real and specific to you. Remove blocks and guess work. Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.

Casual session rate rate: $150* per standard 50 minute Skype or phone session.
8 weekly sessions:
One upfront payment of $960*. That's $120 per session, saving $30 per session or $240.
Mastery Club Members:
Discounted pricing of $100 per session with booking priority.
* = per payment TnCs and service agreement.

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