Why a Mentor

I coach / mentor Enlightenment because what makes it clean, fast, and takes the core Laws of Grace into account. Two of the most important are Self Responsibility and Honesty [those pages coming soon]. Regardless of how amazing the teacher or Guru (and some are really amazing) havinf specific personal feedback is hard to get. Tap/click (touchscreen computers tap screen) the picture below to watch the video picture below to watch the video.

Any questions my phone number in the footer or email via the contact page.

Book a session or Free 25min chat if you have questions. Alternatively, if you want an extended 90 minute first phone/Skype session for $150 tap this PayPal.me link. Feel the evidence.

To Awaken is simple: learn how to do it efficiently

Then practice it. Attend places where Awakened people are. Find a Mentor or a Teacher for expert guidance. Things have changed, you can Awaken and enter non-abiding Awakening, as defined in this website, in 2 to 4 years of you have a good Mentor and have regular sessions to keep you focused and on track. This will involve a number of “Awakenings”.

I’m watching people Awaken – how fast is up to you, under mentoring it happens fast. If you have not made significant inroads to Awakening in two years (if not one) then change your teacher. That is long enough for significant structural shift in your consciousness and practice of Presence.
People always invest time and money into what is really important to them. What is important to you? When you put money into something it motivates you to apply it, or you expect a return.
The Laws of Grace , which are the Laws of Success, make it mathematical. These laws are immutable. Thus if you are putting in the time and effort results should be happening. If you are not moving at your desired speed to Awaking / Peace and Joy then your Teacher, Guru or Mentor will be able to help give you corrective feedback.
If they can’t give that feedback then you are wasting your time. Go find a better one or look inside and be real about why your life is the way it is. Self-honesty is a very important factor in the Laws of Grace!

To find a good Mentor is the gift of a life time

You can arrange a personal session for healing, or Mentoring. Mentoring can cover any topic in this website. I can mix these to shorten that trip home to Who You Are.
To be at your best and to keep learning you will need expert advice from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. But as a healer or seeker of Presence / Awakening you will want more and this will include:

A Mentor who abides in conscious awareness (minimum Phase 4 Abiding Awareness for at least 5 years)  is a definite advantage, and to find one of these is not common. I have been permanently Abiding in Awakened Awareness since January 2008, in that time it has deepened and matured (and continues to do so) and is now in what I define as Phase 6 of non-Abiding Transpersonal Awareness.

Someone who understands and lives the Wisdom Path of inner Peace / Presence and also the path to Awakening via the Healing Path.

Someone who is an accomplished healer who knows many systems of healing and how they fit and interact with each other. Someone who can give a new solution from the same angle and also point out new ways or methods.

An energetic shaman. This means they can tune into what you have done and give feedback, then indicate what else may need to be addressed with that person or your technique.

A Mentor who can deal with the dark issues that nobody likes to talk about, and fix them!

A Mentor who can see through the veil of death to the other side. Thus having the capacity to deal with those sorts of healing issues and complications. Also someone who knows the protocol and call upon and use the appropriate assistance from that other side.

A Mentor who fits and lives in mainstream society and can hold a normal job because they walk the talk in society.

Someone who you can turn to when you need it!

Someone who is not a Guru (see bottom of the page).

Why I’ve always had a Mentor

I’ve had one Mentor since 1999 (her reference is below), and I just love our interaction every 3 weeks.

Yes, it took 13 years to find her once I started my spiritual path! I had other Mentors and role-models along the way. She has certainly assisted taken me to my current place of learning, living and understanding.

I doubt I would have arrived in this place without that impartial insight and guidance.

My Mentor’s guidance and support has certainly assisted me through the toughest times making my journey more stable and safe as possible. A view given from outside yourself is critical for fast and safe movement.

Mentoring will give you

Fast passage to the place of being stable in peace, emotional competency and happiness. This means you live from the place of non-abiding if not abiding awareness as described in the Awakening Defined page.
One-on-one sessions for specific instruction and teaching of less known healing arts if you have an interest in those fields.

Note: This is not supervision for counsellors, but can be used as Mentoring for expanding your healing modalities and emotional competency if used in a practice that involves counselling.

My mission, not the Guru path

What Mentoring and my mission is NOT. Lets be clear what I’m about:
A fast, medium or slow movement where you choose the speed to unshakable inner peace that is felt and maintained in all life’s activities and in times of trouble.

In different words: Abiding Awakened Awareness, which I believe is now possible for all who want it, or at least “non-Abiding Awareness”.

Non-Abiding Awareness still isn’t that common at this point in time, but soon will be as I see people moving speedily to it. Extensive definitions of this are can be read in the Awakening Defined page.

To use a metaphor, Mentoring is a bit like this: Pretend you are a young cricketer and Ricky Ponting, Shane Warne or Sir Richard Hadlee said, “Hey kiddo, want some guidance on your cricketing skills?”

That’s what I do, that is my role, be it one session or many seasons on the cricket pitch of life.

Devotion is not a Path I teach

I will never take the mantle of Guru, in similar manner to Adyashanti (my role-model for the Wisdom Path) has not.

I’ve been blessed to meet and receive some Grace-laden initiations from world class Guru’s (see Advanced Awakening defined).

A great Guru is a living example of the Laws of Grace regardless of their religious affiliation or practices they teach. Such a person will respect you and honour your path.

What my Mentors have to say

“Jason has considerable training in the field of interpersonal skills, motivation, counselling and negotiation. He is a supportive and inspiring group leader, committed to the success of the people he works with. He takes the time to check others concerns, is respectfully assertive, and knows how to develop win-win solutions in a practical setting. Jason is one of those people who gives complete attention and energy to the project he is involved with. He’ll be up front, vitally involved in your organisation, and willing to go that extra kilometer for the success of a task. Jason would be a valuable resource in any organisation where team development, negotiation, and management skills are at a premium.”

Richard Bolstad, PhD. World Leading NLP Trainer
Fellow Member Trainer of NLP (IANLP), Transformations International Consulting & Training Ltd, Author of 10 NLP books in over 8 languages

“In 16 years of supervising and mentoring Jason I can say categorically he operates from integrity and congruency.

He examines any topic beyond completion to mastery. His insights and depth of inner peace make him a trailblazer for others to learn from, and enhance their life.

Jason’s wisdom has been earned through life’s tough lessons. He is a role model and guide of what possible for us all.”

Miriama Supervisor of AwakenedEssenceMiriama

One-on-One Affordable Pricing

Personal Coaching can cover what ever topics you like that are contained in this website. One-on-One coaching will help you experience what I discuss in the videos. This makes it real and specific to you. Remove blocks and guess work. Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.

Casual session rate rate: $150* per standard 50 minute Skype or phone session.
8 weekly sessions:
One upfront payment of $960*. That's $120 per session, saving $30 per session or $240.
Mastery Club Members:
Discounted pricing of $100 per session with booking priority.
* = per payment TnCs and service agreement.

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