Soul mate, Twin Flame & Soul family

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A soulmate or twin flame can help you blossom into Love and Awakening

Conscious Relationship mentoring for Soulmate issues

A Soulmate, Twin Flame or Soul family member relationship can be a very challenging. If you want assistance then please make contact and arrange a coaching session, or regular mentoring.
If you are reading this then you know how amazing this other is and that issues can seem massive. That is the power of true Love that comes from your soul.

These relationships do operate under different laws. The content of this website and what I mentor is perfect for this type of relationship. These relationships can Awaken you, or they can break you. I know this I have been there many times.

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Video Transcript: Soul mate, Twin Flame

This topic that has a lot of confusion around it and it has some pretty full-on issues you will face if you find yourself connecting with someone that you think is a soulmate or a twin flame. I’ll be doing a series of videos on this particular topic and how to navigate what that brings.

One of the key things to note with soul family, a soulmate or twin flames is love will bring up everything that is not itself. So people have these wonderful ideas that it’s all very lovely and there’s always bliss and all this unity and that sort of nice stuff. That’s quite true, but all those fears will be there as well. You will literally do battle with your identity, your ego, if you have someone in your life you actually have a genuine soul level type connection. Because in Unity as a soul you know everything about them. Your Soul’s heart loves everything about them. Even if they are the most heinous person on the planet or not you love them fully and unconditionally with every part of your Being. Note: this is at the Soul Level, you will most likely NOT be conscious of this as a person! If you do experience this it will be highly traumatic when you crash back into you ‘person’ out of the Soul Level of existence.

The Ascended Masters typify this. When you get to experience an ascended master in a fairly close fashion (the come through very strongly) you get to experience the purity of unconditional love they have for everybody be they terrorists, paedophiles, murderers, or say for example a lawyer. You name it, everybody is loved one hundred percent (100%) fully unconditionally.

So if you have someone in your life like a soulmate, twin flame or soul family, all these sorts of connections will bring up stuff to heal and integrate. While this is just an overview, there are some things you can do to help there are some things you do to clear stuff and it takes courage. Serious courage because loving unconditionally does require a lot of courage. There is also aspects of boundaries and balancing so you ‘keep your marbles ie: you stay sane! You stay focused you able to do your job and things like that (normal life things).
There is also the skill set of dealing with your own stuff (your own mental and emotional issues) and in dealing with the other person’s stuff and they may not be as conscious as you. Because if you are at this website at you will be somewhat different than most people. Why? Because you serious about coming Home (Awakening) and coming Home, in coming to Unity means you literally need to deal with some serious nitty gritties (your unhealed stuff) which is where your Presence practice comes into play as well. So they’ll be lots of talking about (in future videos) that. So while this is a fun topic and people like to think about it a lot and talk about it and wish for it, when it happens it will test you extremely. I’ve had a massive journey with this thing since about 1995 it’s tough!

So ‘buckle up’ (get ready) we will now go into some of the other topics. If you want one-on-one coaching regarding this and to know how to navigate some of this stuff (to get through the issues) on a one-on-one basis to given the skill sets and to deal with individual issues that’s going on for you please make contact

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