Scholarships: Skill swaps

Anybody can help and get the services here at reduced prices or 100% free. Money isn't an issue if you don't have it. This gives you the opportunity benefit from what's on offer here while you learn and practice the skills of awakening or healing.
A key point of focus within the Laws of Grace course is that as a human we have command over 2 things only; firstly Time and secondly Attention. This is the basis of everything in our life. So lets use that to help you have what you want in your life.

Use your skills

This involves helping with your best skill set; for example correcting my terrible typos or YouTube transcripts, graphics (YT thumbnails), music creation and website development for this website in return for whats on offer here.

Anybody can type, just a matter of how long it takes you. It’s your inner practice of Presence as perform these tasks that is the point. You will literally develop your awakening through practicing Presence while you work on this "Presence website". Brilliant!
I'll give clear and easy instructions, maybe a video on what's required, as you work with this material.

The only way to awaken to permanent peace, Stillness, Presence and bliss is to activate the skills of this in life as you live it. This is a perfect opportunity!
Furthermore your assisting in this awakening site attracts the Grace of the beings behind this website and the AwakenedEssence range.

Nothing beats being involved in a project that is bigger than yourself. When you involve yourself in this material it embodies in your cells and DNA. Watching and thinking is never as good as learning and doing. You can think and read about this as much as you like but people never Awaken from doing this non-doing (though many think they do). Involvement and application is the quantum factor of success. There will be many videos made on all these points.

How the exchange works

Fill in the below email form. I'll then contact you. A predetermined time length or quantity of items will be completed will be set.
When you have completed the tasks within a time frame we agree upon you can have the exchange. can do what I’m asking but I want people who are actually keen to Awaken to benefit from being involved in this. Your vibration and effort is vibrationally embedded in the material – thus intention is important (a cre Law of Grace). Your intention to Awaken assists the collective to awaken.

Again, Laws of Grace apply as intention is everything. This will change you and assist in your awakening. This is why I recommend writing or typing out coaching sessions word for word. I still find even today that my whole mind-body-spirit system does not settle until I put the 4 to 5 hours of effort it takes to transcribe sessions I have had with my mentor. If I don’t transcribe my mentor’s words in a few days I find my system gets agitated as transcribing works so deeply. Transcribing really does take integration and cellular learning to a new level. To awaken into stability (Abidance) requires activation at all levels from the refined and pure vibration of spirit all the way into the dense body and the cells. That's why I have designed the Laws of Grace online course the way I have; it's about forming that habit within the unconscious mind, neurology, psychology and opening the Presence channels so its embodied and lived.

Note: Any work undertaken is done with full agreement that all material remains 100% the property and copyright of myself and the website and cannot be used elsewhere or shared without permission. Website Terms and Conditions apply.

Possible tasks

The below are some of the possible things that I need help with. Send the email form first then we can chat it over. Your skill set may not be listed here - so please tell me how you can help!!!!!

YouTube transcriptions: A length of YouTube videos transcripts to be corrected will be set.

This process is fairly easy.

YouTube and website thumbnails: To make the cover shots of the video for Youtube and the website 'lightboxes" that pop out in the website.

Proof Reading: Correct gramma, typos and word flow. Written word is my weakness, my brain has "auto error" installed. If your English skills are good I'd appreciate the help so my content is easier to read and dramatically correct.

Social Media: fb an Instagram (etc). Lets face it I've plenty of great images with wild animals that can make stunning Instagram pics and memes. Ive a huge amount of wilderness landscape photos I have taken. I have no shortage of personally taken unique images.
Social media is a personal weakness of mine, and I want to keep it that way.... Resource allocation of Time and Attention is they key, hence this exchange page! Do what your strengths are  - Laws of Success No8: Uniqueness.

Graphics. Vector graphics. I need lots of unique icons that describe outcomes and benefits of what the various webpages will be describing. Pictures are worth 1000 words. Outcome is .svg files as I use Inkscape – what program you use is up to you. Copyright needs to be respected from source documents you alter.

I’ll supply the idea, picture or a photo of a sketch with a description of what I want. Some will be simple and some will be complex.

Website development and/or tutoring me on that. WordPress, CSS, SEO, wooCommerce, memberPress, mailchimp, analytics and so on. A website developer who is great at X Theme or Oxygen (I want to move to Oxygen) would be awesome.

Hour for hour swaps depending on your skill set with X/ Oxygen exchanges. You will be given the ability to transfer the exchange to another if you want a family member or friend to receive what I offer here (this applies to web dev only).

Music – Soundtracks! Assistance to make Meditation music for meditations and special change processes. I can supply the base sounds to be mixed be that nature, Tibetan and crystal bowl, Amethyst cave tones (with the Tibetan bowl – yes very special sounds), didgeridoo, toning and “Phoenix whistling”. If you have the ability to create some ambient synth, then even better.

Fill out the contact form below, answer the questions and I'll reply per the above with an answer for the next step.

Some like to give ‘service’ or ‘Karma Yoga’ where they help out for the joy of giving to a cause bigger than themselves. Well if you give, you shall reap in return as far as I am concerned! There is no free lunch, Laws of Grace dictate that. You help this website I will help you in return. Simple and amazing for all, a real win/win.” Jason

Email me the below

Please send an email as outlined below and I'll be back in contact.
If this is your professional job please send a link of your work, and your charge rate for your skill set.

I shall be in touch, thank you.

Please send me an email direct via your normal email app / program. I will call or respond as soon as I can.
You will need to manually type the below email address, this saves recapture time wasting.

Note the spelling of the first word (with the "i") :

You will receive an automated email reply your reply is received. If you do not get this confirmation then please call or txt/SMS me, my number is at the bottom of every page.

Please send these details

Your information:
1. Your Name (first and last).


2. Your Phone IMPORTANT: Include both country and area code.

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3. Your time zone or major city so I can calculate time difference if I need to call.

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4. How did you find out about Jason or AwakenedEssence (please).

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5. Your Facebook ID (your personal timeline fb URL) that relates to your email for the courses / Mastery Club (see below for picture if confused).

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6. Skype or Google Meet IDs for video 1on1 and Mastery Club activities.

Skype ID:
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7. What do you consider you major blocks to living in Abiding Awakening (please dot point these).


8. What skills sets do you want to offer as an exchange base for the services offered here? What is your proficiency or competency at these?


9. Please give a link to examples or attach something to the email if possible.


10. If this skill set was used in a job, what would your realistically charge? Please give $ per hour rate for each skill set.


Laws of Grace course options

Correct Presence Practice video course: $185 Learn correct Presence practice with precision! This shorter budget course will resolve any confusion about your Presence practice.
Laws of Grace course + 1 coaching call $595 Laws of Grace video course including a 1on1 personal coaching session.

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