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Correct Presence Practice video course:

Learn correct Presence practice with precision! This shorter budget course will resolve any confusion about your Presence practice. Evidence suggests that 95% of people incorrectly enter Presence, or they would Awaken properly! Bad Presence practice delays awakening significantly, and reinforces the separatist ego-mind. Full information on this shorter course is here. The maths of Awakening, core multipliers to Awaken, all the Laws of Grace and support topics are only in the full Laws of Grace course.

Correct Presence Practice online course

Laws of Grace online video course plus one coaching session:
The full extensive habit forming Laws of Grace video course. This includes a 50 minute 1on1 phone conversation with Jason once you have completed the math section of the course. Thus you will have the math of your core Awakening multipliers and the timeframe* (*assuming Law Zero and application) to permanent Awakening / Abidance. Feedback for you at this point will be critical to understand and get clear on any issues.

Laws of Grace course plus One coaching call

Laws of Grace online video course plus two 50 minute 1on1 video or phone calls:
The full extensive habit forming Laws of Grace video course. This includes two 50 minute 1on1 coaching sessions with Jason. The coaching can be either video or phone call format. One session will be once you have completed the math section of the course. Feedback for you at this point will be critical to understand and get clear on any issues. The second 1on1 coaching session is at your discretion.

Laws of Grace course plus Two coaching sessions

Mastery Club three month subscription with Correct Presence Practice course:

The Correct Presence Practice course is included and embedded into this Mastery Club. So if you want to truly study and embody Correct Presence Practice with your tribe then join in!

You'll also get access to current and recent online courses that are within the Mastery Club.

In three months if you give your focused attention and application you will notice a significant shift. This will be your undeniable proof.

The per month pricing reflects what is already in this club that is not available elsewhere. A vibrant close knit community is the aim to help significant progress.

Mastery Club three month subscription:


Three months participation with the online community

Permanent access to the Correct Presence Practice course (a separate online group so you can access it after your membership expires).

Access to current and recent online workshops within the Mastery Club.

As with any e-learning system payment is final, no refund is given once video access is given. Law Zero of self responsibility and self honesty in the Laws of Grace apply. Your effort and practice application will give you the best reward. I say these rules are immutable (unbreakable) for a reason, if you perceive they have failed we need to know why! If you break these Laws of Grace, under the Rules of Evidence, I'll refund the course cost as a reward, as the course will be improved to something better!

Terms and Condition are found in the Terms and Conditions page.

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