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Take the chance to experience a healing or workshop here in Lakes Entrance. I have over 25 years of healer experience and running spiritual workshops. These classes may only be run once.

Healing sessions and classes are always extremely powerful. The Stillness in the room is usually palpably strong. We are usually gifted Grace by the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Grace is super powerful and a totally unexplainable event that offers special opportunities. This energy and support that is provided can often assist with deep healing, connection, insights and even Awakenings.
For some reason this level of Grace has happened every time in each class, healing or workshop that I have run since March 2013.

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Purpose at the Hub Standard Healing sessions: Golden Ray, Reiki, Lightfibres & more: Experience my different healing abilities, just without all those amazing crystals under the table. Session 45min.

Amethyst Crystal Cave Healing: A powerful healing with 100 Kilo+ of crystals under the healing table to assist. I use my many healing modalities such as the Golden Ray, Awakened Lineage Reiki, sound healing, NLP therapies, innerChild healing and other systems to give a thorough healing! Session last 60 to 120 minutes. Only available at my residence.

Golden Ray Healer Level 1 day workshop: Learn to use a profoundly gentle and powerful energy healing system. The Golden Ray is hard baked into our soul essence, energy bodies and DNA. This is an equivalent to Reiki Levels 1&2 combined.  Golden Ray can be used with all healing systems. Next class TBA, please call if interested. 9:30-5:30, enrolment required in advance.

Location: Lake Bunga Beach Road, 3909. The outskirts of Lakes Entrance. Call me ask any questions, to RSVP and to get my exact address Jason on 0435522535

Amethyst Crystal Cave Healing: 100 Kilo+ of crystals!

Experience the healing power of Amethyst caves combined with Golden Ray, Lightfibre, sound healing, innerChild work or Awakened Lineage Reiki.
100 kilo+ of Amethyst caves placed under the massage table boost and create a potent crystal matrix that enhances the healing. The cave grid is made specific to suit your sessions needs. Tap /click the picture to watch a short explanation.

This cave matrix allows for a more powerful healing, while making it gentler on the recipient. The Amethyst caves have been blessed and trained by the Masters and Archangels (etc) from the inner who work with and teach me.

Watch Gavin’s review of Crystal Cave healing by tapping the picture to the left.

Individual healing sessions are now available if you want to experience the Grace and wisdom of our planet combined with the blessings of our Ascended Master Hierarchy. This method is also good for cellular, mental and emotional recharge if a healing is not wanted (intention is everything). It also gives a crackingly good meditation – the Stillness is potently obvious.

Crystal Cave Healing is a Meta system, as is Lightfibres where it builds on your skill set, it takes you to the next levels and beyond. Healer training in this method is now being offered.

I can assist you to set up you healing system to incorporate Crystal Cave Healing if you are a healing practitioner. I can train you, and even give you special attunements to power you core strengths as an energy work practitioner.

Here is a picture of how Crystal Cave Healing works. The picture gives you an idea of scale. The massage table is the black object at the top of the picture to illustrate what was underneath me.

Imagine having this under a massage table and being given a healing? This is Crystal Cave Healing.

I teach n give these healings, was directed to do so in 2014 by the Golden Ray Masters and Archangels. Specifically St Germaine, Goddess Amethyst, Archangel Metatron & Mother Earth.

Crystal Cave Healing: Price & arranging a session

The price is $125 as sessions are longer than at the hub.
If the non-cave option is taken as the crystals will still in the room with us, just not under the table.

Crystal Cave healing take a little more time and set up than a standard healing. The caves need to be moved and positioned. I run the risk of damaging or breaking them (this has happened).

Typically it will takes about 90 to 120 minutes from arrival to you leaving. The actual healing is 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the energy and directions from my inner healing team. A chat and cup of tea to integrate the healing will follow.

Take this unique opportunity while you can as I am unsure if I will be staying in the area, call me to discuss and to get my address 0435522535.

If you do not want an in-person healing, then the 50 miute Skype session can be arranged at the prices listed.

Healings at Purpose at the Hub in Lakes Entrance

Golden Ray, Awakened Lineage Reiki, sound, NLP, Lightfibres & more

I am giving 45 minute healing sessions at Purpose in the Hub for $80. These can be arranged with Kirsten, Shane or myself at short notice, possibly within the hour.
In the healing you will get the best healing modalities to suit your current situation.

I have been healing and coaching people for 25 years and taught Reiki for over 22 years. I have run residential healing and personal development workshops and as well as weekend courses on a wide range of spiritual and healing topics.
I have learned many healing methods. I have been given another 5 complete healing systems by the Ascended Masters and Archangels on the inner. The most extensive and complex being the Golden Ray and Phoenix Healing. My healing sessions often use a number of modalities, and often sound healing.

Golden Ray Healer Level 1 Course at Lakes Entrance

Golden Ray is a simple and powerful healing system. Golden Ray Healer Level 1 is the equivalent of Reiki 1&2 (which I also teach). Golden Ray is a more advanced and pure system than Reiki. It will compliment Reiki and any other healing system that you use.

It can be used to assist your Presence practice. It can help you stabilise your Awakening by giving you another method and skill set to activate your Presence in your life. It helps you tune into what Eckhart Tolle calls the inner-body which is the step before the state of Presence.

Tap/click the cockatoo picture to watch this being explained.

As part of the course you will be offered a Golden Ray Guardian and Teacher. These beings, that are typically Archangels, Ascended Masters or Beings of Higher vibration (eg: Deities), are very important. They will help you personally and assist with healings you give to others. They will assist you with advice and protection. You may well get a different guardian / teacher for the different healing systems if you also learn Reiki with me. If you are consistent in your practice your “team” that work with you will expand over time.

All the information about this system is on the Golden Ray page.

Golden Ray Healer Level 1: Price & booking

Watch Gavin’s review of Golden Ray healing by tapping the picture to the left.

Price is $130 for the day course. If this is too expensive please call me to discuss.

Take this unique opportunity while you can. The Golden Ray Level 1 course will be run once only in Lakes Entrance.

These day long workshops are provide deep healing as well as learning a fantastic healing system.  This workshop also doubles up as a Eckhart Tolle style Presence workshop, as I teach Presence as a core requirement of using this energy. Present healers are the best healers.

Please call me to discuss if you are interested  0435522535.
Enrolment required in advance, to get the manual and course video access.

Date: TBA – please call if interested

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