Mentoring: Awaken at Work!

To be at your best and to keep learning you will need expert advice from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. Better still someone who has mastered what it is you are pursuing. That is what is offered here for inner peace that can assist you in the workplace, home and and through major life transitions. Inner peace mentoring is the ultimate progress facilitator.

How often do you want mentoring and feedback to develop and embody inner peace? Are you in a life crisis and need assistance through that? What sort of program would maximise your team’s dynamics and work environment? Mentoring can be met in many ways thus there are levels of mentoring available. Tap/click the picture to watch

Why workplace mentoring?

Here is why I have had a mentors for two decades, and my current (and now supervisor) since late 1999:

Swift improvements. Improvements and progress happen with minimal disruption and ease happens when under a mentor’s supervision. A mentor has mastered the pitfalls, thus gives you the short path to sustainable pace and shortened “pain”.
Mentoring is 100% tailored to your needs and individuality. In a group setting this is not possible, thus the specific expertise and insights cannot be given to accelerate you.
As you change and deepen into inner peace how you experience it and practice it changes. An experienced mentor who has lived permanent and unshakable inner peace for nine plus years, is key here as to keep your progress on track. The progress on the inner peace path has some unique road blocks and they are quite unique.
An expert impersonal view is given that you can examine for yourself, then you can pick your own gem’s of wisdom out the insights given. Often mentoring opens a new door and you discover more for yourself, this is rich learning.
Avoiding big mistakes!
Foresight of potential trouble. You will be alert in situations knowing what to do and what to be aware of so you can navigate these situations with awareness, not old habitual reactions.
A mentor sees aspects of yourself you cannot. This double check from an outside impartial source is critical to having innerPeace and constant progress.
Assurance. You are kept on the right track. You can have your decisions and actions reviewed in confidence.
Your mentor points out things you never expect. These are the greatest gifts.
Integrity and congruency.

Workplace or Corporate program

Mentoring sessions may be arranged as part of a development program through your workplace. Your best interests and inner peace is the key aim. It is actually impossible for the inner peace method not to impact you positively at work and at home.

Of course, confidentially applies to what is shared. Depending on arrangements these may be fully paid or partially subsidised by your employer.

Corporate programs and workshops can be arranged. Please make contact here.

Service Levels for inner peace mentoring

After an initial free discussion to see what can be attained the below options can be chosen, each plan has extras that are discussed in the link:

Gold 1hr a month: One hour or 2 x 30minute sessions the Gold Club benefits apply to resource videos and materials – $150 per month.

Gold 2hr a month: A mixed combination of 2 hours (1 hour or 30 minute blocks) – $270.

Diamond: 4.5 hours of 1on1 Mentoring: 2hours scheduled, the rest when you want it. Short notice pep talks – just call or txt, if I can’t answer I will when I can as my 1st priority, typically within 48hrs, preferably sooner. Advanced booking schedule access to the next month (or beyond if paid up) – $499.

This is for those that are truly focused on success and are willing to doing what it takes to bring full inner peace in their life and work. Those under a major transition or life crisis may want to consider this diamond service. Priority treatment and shortest response time is given. Your commitment gets my full commitment.

*Amounts in USD resident Australians & New Zealanders can pay direct in local currency with EFT.

Book a Free 25min chat if you have questions, tap this link. Alternatively, if you want a discounted and extended 90minute first session for $95 tap this link. Feel the evidence.