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Need assistance to shift something? All sessions use Grace based energy healing, even the coaching on Presence, as that is what Presence is. The right modality of healing will be used to maximise your situation after we have a chat. If you want a personal healing session live online, please hit this link. Please call Jason on the number at the bottom of the page or use the contact form if you have any questions.

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Below I summarise some of the healing modalities I use. These are always used from the basis of Presence and Grace first. Each of the below will have one or more webpage and videos for you to watch. If you have any question please reach out in a method that suits you (all links above the video, at the top of the page).

Book a session or Free 25min chat if you have questions. Alternatively, if you want an extended 90 minute first phone/Skype session for $150 tap this PayPal.me link. Feel the evidence.

Online awakening courses to develop your skills of healing

A number of new and potent energy healing systems are available here for you to learn and grow with. You can use these to assist yourself or others. They range from the most potent system ever available – Golden Ray healer and initiation school which is as old as the Vedas to the classic Reiki.

Each courses come with a manual and a Phoenix Healing Attunement from myself to activate your higher energy systems to the level stated in the manual. An attunement is a sacred practice of passing my “linage” from the Human and non-physical Masters that taught me. It gives you the ability to use this lineage to draw the universal healing energies to develop you consciousness and heal yourself and others. You can add to this with 1on1 Mentoring, essences and MP3s of courses I have run (if available).

As part of the course attunement service I will find out who is your Guardian and Teacher (see Guardian page as they are important!). You may well get different Archangels, Ascended Masters or Beings of Higher vibration (eg: Deities) for the different systems. If you are consistent in your practice you “team” that work with you will expand over time.
Since September 2013 with daily instruction by my inner guardians and primary teachers it now takes me over 8 minutes to invoke them using the sacred Golden Ray initiation process they have taught me. Each one I know by feel, vibration, personality, sight and their style of humour (its not all serious)!

Phoenix Healing

Phoenix healing is a new Grace gifted healing system. It is an outcome of the AwakenedEssence range available and is only available here at www.AwakenedEssence.com. Phoenix healing operates from the soul level of awakened awareness to your soul. The structures of your soul’s vehicle is offered healing, empowerment and correct alignment. It is one of the most powerful healing techniques on this planet at this point in time.

Lightfibres and Infinity Lightfibres

LightFibre healing systems are a variety of ancient and Grace (ie: new) given healing systems that facilitate a smooth and swift entry of your inner light, wisdom, and consciousness into the body.
Bodywork professions or energy workers can further excel in their profession and increase their effectiveness by learning these systems. Lightfibres is used in healing sessions (which may be part of a coaching session). Lightfibres can’t be put on paper it is unique to the individual and the person being working with. It integrates the physical to all levels ensuring long term shift with the “issue” that is being healed.

Crystal Cave Healing

Crystal Cave Healing is profound healing system. It works by using Amethyst caves / geodes in combinations with other crystals to energetically support the healer and receiver. Likely there will be over 100kg of crystals under the healing table. There maybe up to 800kg of Amethyst in the room, so yes its quite unique and special.
Each session they are specifically picked for the session. Many of these will be AwakenedEssence crystals – thus supercharged crystals.
Its an amazing experience and all that have had one comment how special it was. We can use any healing methodology with this system. It includes Reiki, Golden Ray, Lightfibres and much more. To read more hit the link Crystal Cave Healing

Golden Ray & Golden Ray healer

The Golden Ray is an amazing healing energy, more powerful than Reiki yet easier to use. It is also an ancient awaking school, so this also helps your Presence practice.

In 2014 it was upgraded as an actual healer training. Golden Ray healer level 1 is now available online. If you do the course you will be introduced, initiated and trained to safely use a very potent, but intelligent healing energy. Golden Ray is truly a fantastic initiation into deepening in your stillness and trust in Spirit. To read more hit the link Golden Ray

Awakened Lineage Reiki

Reiki with no dogma, no shoulds, no limits, just possibilities. Learn both Reiki 1 & 2 at the same time for the same price for $99 online with a video course with a Phoenix healing grade attunement. You will also be initiated into the Reiki MASTER KEY. This course operates differently to most others in the Reiki field. As a Reiki teacher I have lived in permanent Abiding Awakened Stillness since Jan 2007, that is why I do it differently. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1996. No fuss, just potent energy work. To read more tap the link Awakened Ligeage Reiki and find out how this relates to how the ancients taught it. If you are interested in Reiki Level 3 or Reiki Teacher are also avaliable.

inner Child Homecoming

A very special workshop for you to meet and/or develop the bond with your innocent innerChild. Emotional healing and ’emotional competence’ is key to being at peace with life. Building a working relationship with the inner child is a critical step. The other critical step is to learn to be Present, and that also is an integrated part of this and anything I do with people. This workshop is specifically designed to take your connection to the deepest levels. The inner Child can be a critical key to accessing inner wisdom and the truth to a matter of concern. To read more hit the link inner Child Homecoming

What is right for you?

These healing systems fit into what I call the Healing and Esoteric path. This is one of 3 Spiritual Paths. What is offered here is how to use healing in conjunction with direct entry into Stillness which is your Awakened State. The mentoring, videos and online classes (Reiki, Golden Ray and Laws of Grace) use the healing arts in a way they help you practice being Present in your Stillness. This is quite different than using healing as a way to heal, that is a slow path to Awakening.

If you want a personal healing session live online, please hit this link. Please call Jason on the number at the bottom of the page use the contact form if you have any questions , or book a free chat (tap this link) and we can talk it through and see if it is right for you.

Reiki and Golden Ray Online courses

All courses include attunements via Phoenix Healing, assignment of your inner Master teacher/guardian from the Golden Crew who work with me, manual, videos and/or audio files.
Golden Ray Healer Level 1: (equivalent of Reiki 2.5) $175
Golden Ray Level 2: $250
Reiki 1&2: you get both levels: $175
Reiki 1&2 and Golden Ray Level: $225
Reiki 3 only some videos (so currently discounted): $175
Awakened Lineage Reiki Master Teacher: $2500 (contact to discuss)
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One-on-One Affordable Pricing

Personal Coaching can cover what ever topics you like that are contained in this website. One-on-One coaching will help you experience what I discuss in the videos. This makes it real and specific to you. Remove blocks and guess work. Book a free 25 min phone chat when you send a booking email with the required information. Alternatively your initial 50 minute* Skype/phone call will be extended to 90 minutes.

Casual session rate rate: $150* per standard 50 minute Skype or phone session.
8 weekly sessions:
One upfront payment of $960*. That's $120 per session, saving $30 per session or $240.
Mastery Club Members:
Discounted pricing of $100 per session with booking priority.
* = per payment TnCs and service agreement.

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