Gifts of Grace!

All healing services I do embody Grace. "Grace based healing". Lives transform in a second. In the video I explain how it works and how to experience significant healing and inner growth with the ease of your Soul and Spirits assistance.

Book a session or Free 25min chat if you have questions. Alternatively, if you want an extended 90 minute first phone/Skype session for $150 tap this link. Feel the evidence.

Experience Grace based Healing & Training

All the different healing systems given in this healing menu are Grace based healing.
All have the potential to shift significant things. Laws of Grace apply, and Grace is so willing to help.
[ A video will be made to explain all this soon, many of these healing pages have videos in or are already made ]
Phoenix Healing is pure Grace. It is so potent it will only be done with proper preparation and after care. Ironically it works best not in person but on-line or indeed when I am typing, on the phone or best of all sitting in meditation! It is so beyond time and space as it operates at the Soul dimension. This means our personalities have no influence of God's plan (also known as God's Will which is Divine Will, Thy Will which is simply called Grace). A number of videos are on that page for more informtion. If you are after a huge change or healing regards to something this is the best option. There are certain 'structures' that get worked with in Phoenix healing that I do not touch in all the other healing systems. These "structures" are just too important for personal will to change them - the 'my will' ego based personality has limitations for a reason.
Golden Ray, Reiki, inner Child, Crystal Cave Healing (in person), Lightfibres (in person and on-line) are performed in a way that is seamless and integrated with Inquiry and the Laws of Grace. In a healing session you will be given what is best within the constrains. Any healing is made more potent by your willingness and post healing efforts to consciously move in a new direction. I will share all of this with you at the time.

Healing Path cautions

Please note All the healing systems and methods I discuss here as with everything in this website is done on the basis of the Laws of Grace.

As I discuss in the 3 main spiritual paths page 'healing' is typically in the path I describe as the Spiritual Path, this is also known as the esoteric path, as it involves ritual, objects, words, religious ceremonies, Beings (Ascended Masters, Archangels and such) and much more. All these ways, things and processes can bring you to Awakening over time. Typically over many life times or decades if you are a dedicated student. As discussed in that page, and video, is when you Awaken you arrive 'here', in this moment. This really needs to be considered and its impact understood. This difference isn't common knowledge - and I have to ask why?!

Why spend 20 to 60 years walking the many paths, spending all that time and money (time is money) to the place you already are to finally say "I Am Here"? Just learn to be here and unwind you unconscious and deep unconscious aspects so they to are "just here". Simple? This website is how simple it is. If you apply you will succeed - its all here for FREE in these pages and videos.
So please, note that any healing services here are always about Presence first.

This small distinction is so MASSIVE. That is why you can Awaken (to mid non-Abiding) in 2 to 4 years if your focus is primarily on Presence, and do it correctly and work through the default habitual psychological system of being unconsciously NOT present. Everything you need is here in this website. Just apply it and you will know it definably, measurably and you will Awaken.

The Koan (Zen unanswerable question) is that while you need to heal your personal and psychological crap, all you are is Presence and that does not need healing. You can fully Awaken to the Abiding phase by sweeping floors in an abittoir (slaughter house) in just a few small years and use no healing techniques. Yes, this is true, I am speaking from personal experience. Working in manual jobs and 'thinking' jobs like accounting was what I did when in the 5 years it took me to enter permanently the Abiding Awakened phase.

Don't worry, you will still have lots of personal crap to heal once you enter Abiding Awakening, as I discuss in that web page. Awakenings can and do strip you of karma, non-awake baggage, pain body, and psychological programming. If you enjoy this healing and spiritual path then that is why I am here. To teach and be taught more spiritual healing (by the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Co) was not my plan nor my desire!

This website and the services here are to build the bridges and assist people to move fast to their full Enlightenment or to put it simply: A life of Peace and Happiness.
Presence will make your healing journey shorter, less dramatic, less expensive and be better for your health and much kinder to those you care about and your community. If you re familiar with healing techniques then great, be sure to apply your Presence practice to them as best as you can.

The Laws of Grace start to form

During Mentoring, classes and workshops once we start the course the room (and beyond) tends to fill with a tangible Stillness, Presence and Peace. This awakened essence is know as Grace. Healing sessions and classes are always extremely powerful. We are usually gifted Grace by the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Grace a super powerful and totally unexplainable event that offers special opportunities. This energy and support that is provided can often assist with deep healing, connection, insights and even Awakenings.

For some reason this has happened every time in a class, healing or workshop that I have run in since March 2013, since I crawled out of my hermit cave and started to share again.

In 28 years of participating and running personal development workshops, as well as sitting with great teachers, I have seen Grace in action many times. I even spent 3 1/2 years working on a PhD study looking at one form of workshop where this happened with some regularity. That was why I did that study, as I saw lives change for the better in just a few minutes of true awe inspiring magic. I watched how in that few seconds how a people changed over years to become a much more functional and contributing to society humans.

Laws of Grace course options

Correct Presence Practice video course: $185 Learn correct Presence practice with precision! This shorter budget course will resolve any confusion about your Presence practice.
Laws of Grace course + 1 coaching call $595 Laws of Grace video course including a 1on1 personal coaching session.

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They key to Grace

From what I have seen: It happens 99% of the time to those who have clear intention, and are willing to truly “drop”, or take that Leap of Faith. In 2013 I started running these weekend workshops and short classes. And what happened was Grace; spontaneous Grace. People where presented with a once in a decade gift; the choice to make a massive shift in their life circumstance.

What makes Grace 100% regular? The Laws of Grace makes the occurrence of Grace predictable, as I say in the videos. At the centre of the Laws of Grace is the simple core law: Grace = Thy Will = Awakened Presence = God. Its that simple. Grace happens via Awakened Presence as it is God (or use what ever word you like), that is beyond the personality. As one deepens into Stillness this place of being-ness is contacted more and more. The degree to which Grace happens is circumstantial. The receiver or group gets what they get.
The personality is just incapable of knowing what is right. We can't know what God wants. We only have the free will to say no and stuff up the given gift. This what I have seen over and over for nearly three decades as I'm quite an intense and persistent researcher. All those hyped up mainstream laws of success kinda have it right [But wait, there is more!]. However they are fundamentally flawed as they don't consider Presence nor the unconscious aspects of each person. The unconscious aspects of a persons psychological make up may be saying 'no' when the person is consciously saying 'yes'. Unfortunately the no usually wins over unless you consciously choose to be Present and act from this moment. Hence in this website I ask you to be conscious and take 100% ownership and to be honest about it in the Laws of Grace factors. It is a journey.

I was also subjected to Grace and this manifested as "Direct Knowing". This is where information and knowledge is instantly avaliable, information you didn't actually know beforehand. Prashna is the Buddhist term which translates as Heart Wisdom started to happen with regularity. In October I asked my favourite role-model and teacher on the Wisdom Path what to do about this Prashna / Direct Knowing in front of 250 people he said:

'Act On It'


How to you maximise the possibility of Grace

Thus as preparation for a course, class or session please contemplate what step forward in your inner development you would like to make, and what you would be willing to let go of for that to happen. If you want more inner peace or to commit to deepening your inner process, that may mean you will need to see what it is that gets in the way. It may mean you need to let go some inner issue / trauma for it to happen. If you make this decision before you arrive at the event then you will be ready if such an opportunity arises. This can only be described as Grace, and when it happens it is truly magical.

If you are ready then it can happen. Grace being what it is means it is unpredictable, but Grace tends to happen to those who are ready, so contemplate what you would ask for if Grace presents Itself. These events happen spontaneously, they are not planned, I speak as I am guided to do at that time. Be assured you will only be given what serves your highest good. And if that means what you ask for does not happen, then that is the best outcome for you. Some of these gifts may also be “time locked”, meaning the gift of Grace has been granted but will activate when the time is right.

If you have questions regarding this prior to an event with me please contact me. I see repeatedly those that are not focused on their intention tend to waste rare moments where Grace offers special gifts in their life.

Can Grace be consistent?

These occurrences of Grace in 2013 became very regular to the point by the end of that year is was a constant stream of events. In 2014 the Direct Knowing and running classes operated at this level every time. After 2 1/2 decades of looking into this I was amazed to see it being 100% regular and dependable! Why?

Workshops would be run without any formal content planning. Often the outcomes and content was of these workshops unknown to me prior, or taught to me (on the inner) just prior to workshops. As part of this the base principles of the Laws of Grace were built step at a time. They were seen through experience, observation and integration of my past.
They were acted upon in workshops and the effect was seen on attendees, then what these people did with these gifts after. It was seen that people who followed these laws has profound inner shifts that lasted, those that didn't it would be a temporary experience.

I began to see that the whole world operates under this highest law of the Laws of Grace. Then one day when sitting in meditation I was given the mathematical formula. This formula is truly simplistic, then each factor can be split into more aspects until it becomes very complex. The Laws of Grace will cover all these, but this was how it was born.

Healing & Mentoring is Grace transmission

Some spiritual teachers talk about transmission. This is the sharing of that unspeakable knowledge and wisdom of Awakening. The Guru tradition is built around this. And let’s be clear I am not a Guru, I am a mentor and coach. Transmission allows the receptive student who is ready to awaken. My mentoring, video’s, courses and the AwakenedEssence essences are a form of transmission.

The difference with this teaching is the Laws of Grace mean if you apply what these laws make plain and measurable it guarantees you will deepen into your true nature of Stillness. While some of these factors in these laws cannot be changed your application of what they point to will transform your life.
If you are interested in expert guidance then have mentoring. If you have questions about it then please book a free chat (tap this link) and we can talk it through and see if it is right for you and a good fit.  It would have saved me a full decade of pain and suffering if I had met someone like myself between 1995 and 1997.

Laws of Grace course options

Correct Presence Practice video course: $185 Learn correct Presence practice with precision! This shorter budget course will resolve any confusion about your Presence practice.
Laws of Grace course + 1 coaching call $595 Laws of Grace video course including a 1on1 personal coaching session.

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Reiki and Golden Ray Online courses

All courses include attunements via Phoenix Healing, assignment of your inner Master teacher/guardian from the Golden Crew who work with me, manual, videos and/or audio files.
Golden Ray Healer Level 1: (equivalent of Reiki 2.5) $245
Golden Ray Level 2: $325
Reiki 1&2: you get both levels: $245
Reiki 1&2 and Golden Ray Level: $285
Reiki 3 only some videos (so currently discounted): $245
Awakened Lineage Reiki Master Teacher: $2500 (contact to discuss)
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