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Two guided meditations are below. Top video is eyes closed (if you like) and it develops the core Presence practice to be in the body and find the space and Stillness that you are. It ends with no warning as this video is Part 1, Part 2 goes into inquiry, it is stitched together for you to heal your “stuff” [link will be here when it is done]. Nature’s sounds are amazing in this, swans have a party and an Eagle is calling.
Second video is suited to eyes open (closed if you like). Master Skills for awakening in this video. Fully guided. Tap/click the picture below to watch the video. Length is 26min

More Master Skills for Awakening are in this video. Suits eyes open (close if you like). Eye skills for Presence are taught to assist presence practice that can be used in life and places like the workplace. Tap/click the picture below to watch the video

This method is very simple but profoundly powerful. People deepen quickly and have awakenings when they use it. Practice and re-read the below to fine tune. The best meditation teachers on the planet teach very similar methods. This method keeps you in your body. There are other complexities built into this method that will save you issues later on, which will be discussed later.
As you practice this Awakened Essence meditation method you will learn the nuances of each stage, then how these also apply in life. You will learn to apply this with one or all of the bodies 5 senses once it had been practised thus giving you the flexibility to awaken really fast. This lays the foundation for a definable and stable awakening so you can live life in that place of peace, Joy, lave and happiness that all humans want.

Meditation in this site is used as an effective tool to deepen your inner peace, Stillness, Presence and connection to what you truly are. Meditation in this site is seen only as a subset of your awakening or Presence practice. While its not immediately obvious Presence (the Awakened state) is your deeper self.
Presence, which is what you really are, is here all the time throughout your day and not just to be accessed when you sit quietly. From a state of meditation Inquiry is extremely effective to clear blocks and barriers in your life as the deeper unconscious levels can be accessed, felt, heard (allowed to be expressed in your consciousness) and then released and transformed into something that is of assistance in your life. The top video is then stitched in front of an Inquiry meditation to teach you how to do this {link will be here when this is done – it is already loaded up on YouTube}.

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Step 1: Initial meditation entry, relaxing in

Sit and make yourself comfortable. Ask not to be disturbed if people are in the house and turn your phone to flight mode (vibrate only does not count!). Give this the focus it deserves, intention is everything. Have an alarm set if you have to finish with a certain time. Put on gentle music if you wish. Music with no vocals if preferable, as the mind will latch onto lyrics, thus distract your focus.
awakened essence awaken fast meditation method step1Close your eyes. Watch your breath for a few breaths by feeling your stomach and gut move. No need to manipulate your breathing, just watch. It may slow and settle, it may deepen so the tummy moves more than your chest. Once your breath has settled, sense your feet. As you sense your feet also be aware of your tummy breath movement. This will help pull you away from your mind if it is busy talking to you.
This will help ground your energy into your body. Mind chatter is not a problem unless it is made a problem by resisting it. Then it will hinder your meditation. Focusing as described will solve this situation.When you can feel your feet and your breath simultaneously and you feel settled, move your attention to the hands and your tummy. Just keep coming back to the tummy breath and hands if distracted. Include the distraction as allowing everything is the key.

Now repeat the breathing with while sensing your bum. How does it feel on the seat? Breath and feel. Then once you are aware of your bum, also notice your feet. Then include your hands. Once you have awareness of these three body sections (hands, bottom and feet) then include the head. Notice the sensations and the feel of your head. Notice how the physical sensations are different to your mind’s thoughts. Notice how much easier it is to get lost in thought when you feel any part of the head. This is why we focus on the chest down [videos will be made explain all this, and why we keep anchoring in the lower body, unlike many other meditation techniques].

Anything that is happening in your environment can also be included, especially background noises or music. At any point you may get distracted back into the mind. Just re-focus to include your tummy movement and the space inside it and body parts. It is all fine. Some days it will be easy to focus, others will be full of mind-generated distraction.
Your mind will slowly be moving from the predominant Beta brainwave cycle, where the left neo-cortex is mostly active, and start entering the Alpha cycle where the right side starts to function equally with the left.

Step 2: Sinking deeper into meditation

Notice at this point that you can be aware of your breathing movement in your tummy, environment, mind chatter and some or all body all at the same time. What is happening? Keep cycling through your body parts with your breath. awakened essence awaken fast meditation method step2You will be able to sense, when you have two or more objects (e.g.: hands and tummy breath movement) in your awareness, that they are somehow contained in something. This may feel like space, stillness, an energetic hum or aliveness.
This is represented in the diagram by the inclusion of the yellow stars. By now in neuroscience they would say that the Alpha brainwave cycle will predominate.
You will feel quite relaxed, but still be able to feel your body quite distinctly.

Step 3: Entry into the Inner body

What is it that connects all of these things you have been focusing on? There is an energy field that will contain everything and you can become aware of it. awakenedessence-awaken-fast-meditation-method-step3It is a bath tub of space that will contain your body, mind, emotions, external noises and your breath. Allow yourself to sense this connecting ‘something’. This is the inner-body as described by Eckhart Tolle and is now added to the diagram.
This is also represented in the diagram by the yellow stars being a bit larger and feeling more tangible. Notice that you can direct your attention on this space, energy field or aliveness directly. As you focus on your inner-body see if you can sense where it starts and finishes? This space will vary in size depending on your practice and it will vary from day to day. Size of this space is irrelevant as you will hear in the Laws of Grace but noticing this inner-body is a key skill to practice and master as it is the gateway to Presence, the Awakened State. As you become practised at this you will learn top activate and feel your inner-body quickly or instantly in life – without needing to do all the above steps.

Step 4: Settling into meditation; Inner body expansion

As you feel this inner-body more, the environment will drop into the background unless there is a big noise or distraction.
awakenedessence awaken fast meditation method inner body step4You may notice that your body parts seem hard to locate. Your body is now a fuzzy, connected blob. You can probably twitch a finger and it will re-appear in more definition. Hopefully your mind chatter has reduced. If it comes back just refocus directly on the inner-body and your Presence.
Your inner-body will seem more tangible. The aliveness will expand; it may seem larger than your physical body.
As you focus on the spaciousness it becomes a bit more palpable. You may start to notice that beyond or in the inner-body is something slightly more refined and indescribable. This refined space is your Presence, the Awakened State. It is still, spacious and aware. It can feel huge and yet at the same time it takes up no more space than a pin head. In the diagram this is shown as the new big yellow star at the center of the diagram. It seems to permeate everything that is in your consciousness. As you practice more your inner-body will feel like the crude, solid and clunky energetic double of your Presence. Both are good at this stage.

Your brain wave cycles will now be entering predominately alpha and maybe theta cycles. Left, right and parts of the inner brain will be starting to function with increased activity.

Step 5: Dropping into Presence and the Awakened State

If you keep your focus on the space and aliveness that is your Presence you may drop down a bit further where all you really sense is your Presence / Awakened State and inner-body.awakenedessence-presence-meditation-method-inner-body-step5 Presence will begin to predominate. You will lose total contact with your body and your mind may be rather quiet. Your mind may panic a little and shoot back into thinking. If this happens, it means that the egoic structures at this point are still quite strong and resist being identified as Presence, which is still an uncomfortable thing for the egoic mechanism to handle .
Your brain waves cycles at this stage will be in have more Theta and maybe even some high Delta. Delta brainwave patterns usually occurs during deep sleep. If you hear yourself snore this is a good indicator that you are too far in Delta. Head falling forward is another common indicator you have slipped to deep. In the instructional vidoes I may often state that you contract your pelvic floor muscles (perineum). Do this as you deepen, it keeps you in contact with your body and helps you remain conscious.
Your capacity to be lucid when in Delta is severely reduced. Low Theta is good because you will be conscious enough to experience your Presence and any side effects, such as peace, bliss etc. Passing out is the unconscious state, that is not meditation.

Step 6: Merging into Unity, full Awakened Awareness:

This is Awakened Presence!!

If Step 5 is held long enough you will merge with consciousness itself and not be able to distinguish any sense of boundaries. awakenedessence awakened presence meditation method Unity bliss step6Your sense of you will disappear and you will experience yourself as everything. As you progress (see Levels of Awareness) and enter the non-abiding and Abiding phases, you will be able to hold this for longer. Holding this space is likely to lead to states of bliss and samadhi and other types of strong unity experiences. You may lose track of time, where an instant may seem like minutes. Space and time do not apply to this level of consciousness. In various spiritual texts this is known as the un-manifest and noumenon (which is the opposite of phenomenon). This state more subtle state can be experienced as the Awakened Presence (AP) state that is the core state of the Laws of Grace mathematical formula to awakening.

So simple and this is how you master it:

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