Meditation has many purposes. To meditate correctly is profoundly powerful. It builds you depth and skill set for application of Enlightenment in life. This below video gives an introduction for you to build the skills for Awakening. Tap picture to watch

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Meditation is a tool to expand and learn

Meditation in this site is used as an effective tool to deepen your inner peace, stillness, Presence and connection to what You Truly Are. The ultimate goal of meditation in any system (I hope) is that your life becomes a conscious connection ‘as life’ thus brings you peace, happiness and joy.
Then when life’s tests and unpleasant stuff happens you can still access that peace and be resourceful and deal with it with minimal stress and mental, emotional or physical ‘pain’. Then you are never separate thus never actually need to meditate – it is What You Are. Meditation in this site is seen only as a subset of your innerPeace or Presence practice.
Presence is your deeper self it is your Awakened State. Presence, which is what you really are, is here all the time throughout your day and not just to be accessed when you sit quietly.
From a state of meditation Inquiry is extremely effective as the deeper unconscious levels can be accessed, felt, heard (allowed to be expressed in your consciousness) and then released and transformed into something that is of assistance in your life.

Over the last nine years people have often asked me “How often do you meditate“?
I reply “I don’t ever stop meditating” tends to be my short answer. This often confuses them as they separate meditation from what it is hopefully pointing to.

Defining meditation approaches

The two diagrams show the two main approaches to meditation. The pink arrows represent your attention and what you focus it at. The yellow stars are your awareness.

1: Inclusion and multiple focus meditation

Meditation in this website is defined as the simple process of being aware as Presence or the Awakened State.
To be aware of what is going on for you internally and externally. As you observe and feel you allow what it is that is going on within you to be just as it is. No need to change anything! It really is that simple.

What this consciously choosing to be aware of  leads to is the state of Presence your Awakened State, the impersonal awareness, inner peace, stillness and spaciousness. Things are allowed to be as they are. Your attention is spread initially into more than one direction.

This has the effect of immediately dis-empowering the internal mind dialogue. The internal conversation is included in the picture. Thus you do not need to fight your mind. As you focus on more than one aspect you are also able to notice what connects them.

This internal space that allows these aspects to exist. This ‘space’ can also be called awareness, stillness, void, consciousness, non-manifestation is the common link. This is represented in the diagram as yellow stars. As you focus on this as part of your consciousness you will notice this is your Presence. Notice how it permeates all these other things; your mind, body, breathing, the chair, your feet… everything.

To experience this there is a step by step video on the Meditation: How to Meditate page (tap this link). The video with the Phoenix cloud sunset covers the core master skill set of Presence. It includes using your senses so you can do this with your eyes open (and closed).

2: Single focus meditation

The second approach is intentional single point focus. The intentional focus is usually where the person focuses their mind’s attention on something. Eg: mantra, breath, third eye, body sensations etc. The idea behind these meditations is to hone your focus and ignore your minds internal dialogue. If you get distracted by your mind you re-focus on the single item.
From this focus you will eventually drop into deeper states of meditation until your mind distracts you. The shortcoming with this form is that there is only one point of focus.

This focus should be the gateway to Presence, the real you. But if you keep saying a mantra as a focus this will not occur, you may be able to sense it but the one pointed focus of means it is not the actual focus. This form of focused meditation does have some uses and can be mixed with method one that is used here. It has uses for things like healing and developing photographic memory.

In my third year at university I developed powerful photographic memory from using this focus style meditation. Ironically my whole year became ‘photographic’ although my focus was only my university subject content. I could recall all conversations and events in vivid detail. This points to the holographic nature of the mind and how application in one area will impact all of areas.

Full instruction on how to meditate are on the Meditation Instructions page. For specific instructions and personal feedback one-on-one is best. We often do a short meditation in Coaching sessions as that will suit your specific needs at that current point in time to help you move to the next step of your awakening.

Why mantra meditation and TM Transcendental meditation fails, and what you can do about it. Evidence speaks for itself.

Meditation: other key points

Try the below hints and experience for yourself. Your experience is what counts not other people’s theories and rigid practices. Posture. Sit up comfortably.
A stiff straight spine is pointless if it hurts and makes for a distraction. Comfort is more important here than an ideal posture, Presence is the objective. Presence is Awakening, not the position of your spine.
Lying down is also OK, especially if you have a sore back, if you stay awake. However, falling asleep can be an issue. It may take practice. Sleep isn’t “conscious” so it does not really count, in this case its a nap.
Routine. A set time and place for 20 to 60 minutes is always good. But forcing it can be counter-productive. You may go through cycles of meditating daily and not. Keep a Presence dairy /success journal and notice how it affects your practice.
Mornings, after a shower is always good to set your day up, especially if working. Even after a quick coffee it it helps you to be alert. Its about Laws of Grace, entering Stillness / Presence.
A quick meditation after getting home can also be of great assistance to clear your day.
Meditating just before bedtime can disrupt your entry into sleep and the brain’s circadian clock which regulates sleeping patterns, so if this happens have a break before bed (at least an hour). Meditation effects the brain wave cycles, which is what dictates good sleep cycles.
Nodding off to sleep when meditating. This topic can be complex, but in summary its either 1. you need more sleep – self care is important. 2. Avoidance by your ego (psychological structures). In this case its persist until you can meditate properly and not doze off into delta (deep sleep) brainwave patterns. This may require 1on1 to address the issue.
The key distraction with meditation is what people want from it. There is very little use in being able to access deep levels of Presence in formal meditation and yet be lost in egoic programming the rest of the time. The mind and emotions creating havoc in your and other people’s lives because that connection to consciousness (the awareness and stillness) is not maintained in life’s daily activities means meditation of little use.

Another trap is if you are sitting for hours a day in stillness and blissful meditation. This is an indicator that you are avoiding the world and your real self.
As mentioned in the Levels of Awareness page, if you are in the abiding Presence phase you will be moving back into the world as a grounded human being. Why? Because you realise what you are, you will not avoid being in the world, as your realisation can never be lost. You will have the ability to now face all of life’s good and bad experiences without preference or avoidance nor losing your center as Presence.

Once you have re-charged yourself, it is time to go back into the world, and do your best to keep checking into this inner resource. The Laws of Grace apply 24x7x365 if you truly want to live in non stop peace and Joy.

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Nothing beats something that is suited to you

Correct meditation takes decades off the search for peace, the Self, Enlightenment, etc. To have a practice where the mind isn’t an issue bring you home so much fater. To really get the edge on where you are personally to move fast try mentoring, by someone who has actually been on that same path and managed what few have.

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