Crystal Cave Healing

A profound “Mother Earth” supported method of healing

Crystal Cave Healing makes it easier for both practitioner and receiver. It uses the healers own healing modalities and gifts to take the healing to a new level. Earth Herself gives the energetic support to heal the individual and the Human Collective.

The result is profound shifts with stuck issues. Laughter and ease is more than likely rather than heavy draining catharsis. Outcomes by those receiving and giving notice it is grounded and integrated. You can even go into town for a night out after a massive healing and be balanced and in life as a normal human but with conscious awareness!

A text sent by Mel at 12:30am Sunday morning after being in town all night said: “It was the easiest healing I have ever done. Felt so full of ease n Grace, so grounded yet powerful. I still feel great. I even had a few friends tell me I felt really clear with beautiful energy…

And FB comment; …most powerful healing I’ve had & done! Barely noticed the integration afterwards. It just felt so simple & natural. My inner child loved it too!

The Ascended Master Hierarchy, Mother Earth and the Crystal Over-Diva’s have given their support in offering this profound healing system. It works by using Amethyst caves / geodes in combinations with other crystals to energetically support the healer and receiver. It is time for Humanity to consciously live in peace, joy and love. This is why this Crystal Cave Healing system has been given back to us. It is time to come HOME and fast with ease and Grace!

Individual healing sessions are now available if you want to experience the Grace and wisdom of our planet combined with the Blessings of our Ascended Master Hierarchy. This system is also good for cellular, mental and emotional recharge if a healing is not wanted (intention is everything). It also gives a crackingly good meditation – the Stillness is potently obvious.

As you heal yourself you also heal humanity via the grounding of the new Rays through your DNA (see: the Golden Ray initiation page for more info).

Crystal Cave Healing is a Meta system, as is Lightfibres where it builds on your skill set, it takes you to the next levels and beyond – training in this is now being offered.

I can assist you to set up you healing system to incorporate Crystal Cave Healing if you are a healing practitioner. I can train you, and even give you special attunements to power you core strengths as an energy work practitioner.

Attuned and activated Amethyst Caves (and other crystals) at below wholesale prices will be available here or call me direct to find out more number is at the bottom of the page or the contact forms

A profound “Mother Earth” supported method of healing

The prior day I had this crystal spread under the table when a friend gave me a healing. We took photos of the spread as an example of how Crystal Cave Healing works. The massage table is at the top of the picture to illustrate what was underneath me. I left the spread on my lounge floor as the configuration was holding the “space” for integration for me. It felt too good to dismantle it. All the crystals and caves in this picture have at least one of their own AwakenedEssence.

The next morning I was up early. I was preparing a facebook post to share how this form of healing was done. Here is the post that eventuated:

I was looking at this photo at 5am and not gonna share it. 29.9kg Melchizedek Cave decided to tip a bit and sent Mother Mary Smoky Quartz flying off onto the carpet. OK Golden Peeps I get the hint, don’t hurt Mary! Why after 20hours of holding this formation did He decide to tip exactly then huh? 😉 😉

All 6 caves here are Awakened “Phoenix” grade caves, as are all the crystals except the obsidian ball in 11.5kg Lord Maitreya cave.
In English that means all have been camping and witnessed at least 1 real phoenix birthing out of the fire in a picture I have taken (I have lots of real Phoenix pics, I am one!). 1.25kg Baby cave (Krishna, Vishnu and Sirian Emissaries of the Light) has seen many phoenixes, size does not matter as only Narayani-Gaia @77kg is his equal! All crystals shown have at least 1 AwakenedEssence made in them.

The first Phoenix caught in a photo is actually seen looking and bowing to the Merkabah. This happened when the AwakenedEssence mother waters were taken camping in Feb 15. Fiction could not be stranger it is so amazing!

The 3 diaries underneath the Ametrine Wand have all the writings n teaching about the essences, Golden Ray initiations, transpersonal Awakenings and lesson of the use of the Ark of the Covenant given to me by Lakshmi, Vishnu, Narayani and ‘Him’(Metatron’s Teacher, the Father of Jesus, or Narayan as the Hindu’s call him) …

Imagine having this under a massage table and being given a healing? This is Crystal Cave Healing. There were 23 other caves in the room watching…  I teach n give these healings, was directed to do so in 2014 by the Golden Peeps and specifically these Golden Peeps: St Germaine, Goddess Amethyst & Mother Earth.
Fair to say it was a whopper healing I received…..
More info on this page (which will be improved shortly as the website is upgraded) as it seems I need to teach practitioners n give healings via this method again.


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