Ego Death

the Survival instinct

The ego, bad behaviours, emotional reactions, belief systems and the ego death is a process. Every aspect of your consciousness needs to transcend and ‘awaken’ so it comes back to the whole of your consciousness. Each individual belief, reaction or behaviour fights to live. This video beautifully explains this process. Tap/click the picture below to watch the video

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Negative patterns fight for Survival!

What I have realized after 22 plus years of Inquiry, Inner Peace mentoring, research and delving into the deep unconscious, is that all aspects of consciousness have individual consciousness and “fight to survive”.

Each bit of consciousness has the drive for survival and to perform its role. Just as a tree fights to survive as a tree, a caterpillar to be a caterpillar, so do aspects of your own psychology. This is why aspects of behaviour seem difficult to shift or change. They are doing what they can to survive even if you don’t like the behaviour and want it to stop.

Metaphorically the behaviour, feeling, or belief literally has its own independent life within you. Thus you cannot directly change or alter this by your own conscious volition in most circumstances. Hence the need for you to Inquire and be Present (in inner peace, the Stillness, the Awakened state) with these inner aspects until they dissolve into your integrated consciousness of the greater you.

The implications of this individual consciousness is profound. Even if the majority of the “conscious and unconscious you” is aligned to behave or feel a certain way, if there is an opposing aspect in your consciousness it will still assert its influence in your psyche as it has its own survival instinct. This smaller aspect of unconsciousness may still have the power to hijack your behaviour, thinking and feeling.

Look at the people who are close to you. I bet you know their “buttons”. All you need to do is say something or behave in a certain way and they will change and fly into a predictable reaction. This is exactly what I am talking about. If you are observant enough you will know your own trigger buttons.

Each deeper layer of segmented consciousness will also have this ability. Thus your skills and being conscious and Present remains the key to dealing with these aspects of splintered consciousness.

I always keep this in mind when people tell me “I create my reality” – they indeed do as that includes the unconscious and subconscious splintered aspects that stop them from manifesting what they reckon they can manifest. Thus to truly “manifest” you need to be an adept at Inquiry and Stillness, unless Grace (ie: God’s Will, which is not personal will) wants you to have it.

As you develop the skill and base of Inner Peace, Stillness and Presence these other splintered aspects of unconsciousness will still rise and behave as though they are completely separate from the peaceful you. Understanding this dynamic will assist both the conscious you and the unconscious material to deepen in your peace. This will also help with re-integration of the splintered aspect of your unconsciousness. This will still happen even when you are in the Abiding Awareness stage of Awakening – this will still seem odd, as you know Who You Are!

Contemplate this deeply. When this fact is deeply understood it is profound.
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