Unique Coaching Methodology

Awakened Essence Mentoring looks at all levels and all paths to peace, awakening and life stuff that gets in the way to your awakening.

You set the direction and what you want to achieve.

If you want to dig deep, Awakened Essence coaching sessions are quite unlike any other coaching or counselling methodology that is available. With this method you will be given insights as to what is happening in your deep unconscious mind.

This includes the multiple layers of beliefs patterns, behaviours, values and insights into situations such as the dynamics within yourself and between yourself and others.

You will be shown what causes your behaviour in situations and how it impacts on your life’s outcomes.

Awakened Essence Mentoring Unique Methodology fast awakening
Psychological (normal) methods operate using the paradigm on the left side of the diagram:

An emotion, instance or behaviour is the focus, related factors are not considered.
The available material is only at the semi accessible section of your unconscious. This is only the surface layer of the emotional and belief material in the middle, light grey, section of the diagram.
Usually these methods are slow, tedious and full of guesswork and theory.
To make a change to a significant behaviour pattern or emotional problem can take a very long time. this is because each deeper layer then needs to rise to be seen and worked on individually.
Content and structure in the bottom and biggest section, they grey area, is not accessible. Therefore these behaviours, reactions and belief patterns will continue to control you.
Theory on what the issue is can determine how it is approached. This assumes the correct theory is used for the issue.
Often the story of a past event is the focus of the cause.

The Awakened Essence coaching methodology uses the paradigm on the right side of the diagram:
Multiple layers are revealed in the way your psyche has structured them.
Beliefs, emotions and behaviour patterns are revealed at each level so they can be examined and released consciously by yourself.
Accessing the material as we do in these 1on1 coaching sessions cannot be done by the normal methods.
Each person’s behaviour structure is always completely unique.
The linking of the layers of consciousness is revealed. Often this defies what one would expect. With normal psychological methods this interconnectedness would be missed and therefore unwanted behaviour patterns will remain.
This method of looking deeper is then teamed up with presence practice, and the Inquiry method taught here. Other healing modalities may also be added where appropriate to assist.

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Transform your unconscious blocks into earned Wisdom

As you can see by the above diagram, your mind’s structure is totally non-linear. This also includes your ego, psyche, personality structure, energetic structures and even DNA encoding. To find the root causes and sub routines in the mind is impossible via currently established methods without long years of regular sessions during which each aspect of the situation is picked off.

With awakened essence methodology mentoring once these deep unconscious structures, beliefs and emotions are brought into your consciousness they can be clearly seen. Once acknowledged, these internal structures lose their power to control your feelings and behaviour. A fresh approach can then be taken from a place of choice and Presence. Change is very fast with this mentoring method.
You are given the skill sets here in this website, and fine tuned in mentoring to empower you to take full control of your mental and emotional life.

In the above diagram accessing material in the bottom inaccessible unconscious mind is almost impossible to access through normal methods. You may be able to access some by yourself but you will notice you cannot clearly define the actual beliefs or feelings. If you observe this when you Inquire, or when in therapy, you will notice this lack of actual certainty. It will feel similar to playing the blindfolded childhood game of pin the tail on the donkey. The reason for this is basic self preservation.

In NLP theory the number one prime directive of the unconscious mind is to keep you safe. That is why it hides these issues from you – so you can function. The unconscious will only release for review what you can handle.

In 1-on-1 mentoring this also applies and you will receive what you can process in a way that is safe for you. These coaching sessions reveal the underlying structures.

You’ll then have light bulb moments as you see how these things are layered deep within you. Coaching sessions can help you to see and understand your blocks – as most of us cannot see this hidden material on our own.

Many of these blocks were formed when you were young, or unconscious of what you were thinking at an younger age. You’ll now have the opportunity to see these and review them – all the unconscious material that was hampering you, then gets transformed by consciousness into earned Wisdom.

Special Affordable Pricing

The below pricing is extremely good value and makes it affordable for those who want some measurable and clear progress. Coaching can cover what ever topics you like that are contained in this website. Personal coaching will help you experience what I discuss in the videos. This makes it real and specific to you.

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