During your 1on1 Mentoring

These sessions are unique. They are as transformational as you want them to be.

What happens in a session:

  • Come to the session with a few important questions relating to your life about which you want an understanding or resolution.
  • Bring questions on your inner Peace practice. We then Inquire.
  • I will share¬†what material I sense on the issue. We can also just look without a question.
  • This often reveals exactly what is the current and most appropriate area to examine in your life. As you listen, you will usually get a sense if what I am saying is correct or in the right area.
  • This material then becomes your homework to take away from the session.
  • It’s the springboard which you will use for Inquiry to examine and resolve the issue(s) discussed. The session is not the forum where you go into the material and process it.
  • The material presented in these sessions usually lies at the deeper inaccessible unconscious level, thus emotional processing in our session is highly unlikely.
  • But if that happens that is 100% OK, as you will be guided on how to process and feel in safety.

Emotional processing typically occurs when the material is close to consciousness and can usually be sorted out without guidance by yourself (using the Inquiry method).

In the below diagram, the “green behaviour blob” in the picture) is closest to the conscious mind and will be the first one felt consciously.

The other ” coloured” behaviours tend not to rise until the top layers have been consciously processed.

Change will occur quickly and more permanently if you process behaviours, beliefs and emotions in the order they are presented in an inner Peace session.

Awakened Essence Mentoring Unique Methodology fast awakening
Psychological (normal) methods operate using the paradigm on the left side of the diagram:

If you need guidance on how to work and process emotions, we will cover this as well. Handling emotions is a skill that is crucial for functioning as a human, yet is is rarely taught. We will go beneath the semi conscious material to that which is deeper inside you that can also be processed safely.

As Mentoring progresses you will notice that the material gets deeper and more complex, leading to profound shifts in behaviours and your self-understanding.

As these different aspects of your psyche are re-integrated, you will notice that you are more resourceful in more life situations, and that you are able to be Present with palpable inner Stillness, the Awakened State. You become a strong and capable individual.

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