About Whispering wild animals

and merging with Ascended Masters

Whispering wild animals and our Enlightened Ascended Masters have something in common. Whispering is the Awakened State in action. Correct Presence Practice if done correctly aligns all your consciousness and spiritual bodies. The 100% wild animals sense this and feel at ease. In this video I violate the wild cockatoo's fight-flight instincts. Yet they demonstrate zero fear or protective behaviour. They follow my commands.
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Learning to animal whisper is a great way to master the skills of Presence.

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If you sign up for the 8 coaching sessions I'll give you a 9th session for free and give you the LearnWhispering 101 video course. This course is a full demonstration of how to apply the 9 pillar framework to the activity of animal whispering. Thus it shows you how to live and experience the benefits of structures and habits that assist your Awakening.

Whispering is Presence

Animals reflect your Presence

Correct Presence Practice is a very powerful state of consciousness. As Presence becomes a well defined practice your ego, which is a boundary device, learns to hold more in its consciousness. This includes other things, places, people, animals and spiritual entities. Ingredient #2 Structure applies Hence I also term it the Learning State at StudentSuccessTutor.com and the Whispering State at LearnWhispering.com

The wild animals and the ascended masters have something in common. The ability to communicate and merge is the same process. Wild animals give physical feedback regards your Presence and if you are deemed safe. Animals live on their ability to assess their environment to avoid becoming someone else's lunch. It is a matter of life and death for them. We humans very rarely need our fight-flight survival instincts in our litigious health and safety based world. We blindly assume everything is 100% safe and certified. The result is our sensitivity to our senses has diminished. Humans run on auto-bot mode as the default because being sensitive demands attention. Our attention spans (our conscious volitional capacity) have diminished.

Animals are great to practice merging with into your Presence. As you develop your Correct Presence Skills your Law Zero grows. As part of that your inner body your 'feeling space' becomes more nuanced. You'll be able to sense how your subtle thoughts and emotions can impact the animal's behaviour. Approaching animals will teach you about being calm, aware and how to move more gracefully.

If you are clearly aware of your mental and emotional processes you will experience how this changes the animals' behaviours. It is all feedback. Notice the correlation between negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and their behaviours. Notice your tonality as you speak to them and how they behave. My videos are full of evidence. When I re-watch my videos it is pretty clear the parrots demonstrate an understanding of my state and intentions. The timing of their behaviours often adds confirmation to the content just by chance. I say chance, but with so much experience I know there is a direct correlation. It's up to you to test it for yourself.

Correlate their behaviours with your internal processes. Naturally, each animal is different, even animals in the same species have different personalities and habits. Animals are also influenced by many natural factors that we humans tend to be numb to. The weather, season, wind, sounds, smells, sun and moon movements, barometer changes and more can impact animal behaviour. Animals hear, smell and see more than we do.

I'm always amazed by the sensitivity of kangaroos. I call them radar devices as they can sense predators (esp dogs) that they cannot visually see. I've noticed that they can tell if a dog is on a leash or not if in an urban setting. People make false assumptions their dog is well behaved and it won't impact the Roos. This is incorrect the Roo is smart enough to tell if the predator is leashed or not.

Depending on how much whispering you do, you may notice that animals may follow your commands and even act out your thoughts! I've certainly experienced it countless times where the 100% wild animals follow my thinking. Use your volitional attention to notice what impact negative thoughts and emotions have on a situation. Frustration, fear and especially anger derivatives can have a stark impact on animals. These emotions can trigger defensive behaviours.

It is a wholly remarkable experience to direct and have animals behave to your wishes. Fun is imperative as that brings out your wonder, innocence and joy. Innocence is the natural inner-child state of Beingness. That is the best vibe when with wild and domesticated fauna. Whispering interactions can leave you in a state of pure awe and even trigger Awakenings. If that happens you may have a strong afterglow that can last hours to days. It can literally feel like an Awakening as your boundaries feel expanded, fresh and full of 'agogness'.

I could write a number of books on all this, hence the LearnWhispering.com and its LearnWhispering 101 course. This course is developed around the 9 pillar framework to help people use these same skill sets in any life context.

Advanced whispering

Developing Transpersonal skills

It is a wholly remarkable experience to direct and have animals behave to your wishes. Fun is imperative as that brings out your wonder, innocence and joy. Innocence is the natural inner-child state of Beingness. That is the best vibe when with wild and domesticated fauna. Whispering interactions can leave you in a state of pure awe and even trigger Awakenings. If that happens you may have a strong afterglow that can last hours to days. It can literally feel like an Awakening as your boundaries feel expanded, fresh and full of agog-ness.

My ability to merge with them and feel their consciousness means I literally can override their behaviours. This video clearly demonstrates many times this is the case. The animals the cockatoos and corellas do not behave this way with other people. My local flock of cockatoos and corellas do not let other people hold them and do a lot of the things I do.

These cockatoos have demonstrated the ability to sense when people are trying to illegally take them into captivity. Ethically, taking a wild animal into captivity is not the animal's choice. If the animal was taken from the nest as a baby, or as a rescue animal, that is different. This is no different to it being a human. The younger the animal is the better it will adjust to human company and physical touch.

Wild animals will find touch a new and strange experience from a human. Koalas for example are quite antisocial animals. Apart from mother and joey interaction, there is little friendly interaction with other koalas. Breeding tends to be a #MeToo interaction with swiping claws, squealing (female call) and Grunts (male). Koalas if approached correctly will show a natural curiosity. It's apparent by their contemplative behaviours it takes them a while to decide if they like being stroked and your company. They will move fast, jump and zip up a tree if they decide they want to get away. They are naturally more cautious when they are not up in the tree tops.

Archangel or Cockatoo

What's the difference?

Your ability to rapport and then merge at differing levels of consciousness with an animal is great training. As pillar No7 Structure applies this means you can do the same with your spiritual hierarchy and incarnate humans. Throughout this website I state that the ego is a requirement for Enlightenment. This is especially the case if you start experiencing Transpersonal level consciousness. This experience while extremely amazing is very threatening to our human fight-flight instinct. Our identity device (ego) will get confused about where its identity starts and stops. Developing your ego and going through the Jungian Individuation process is a requirement to help you be comfortable if this starts occurring.

Working with your unseen spiritual crew and humans follows these same laws of communication, Presence practice and laws of consciousness. Humans are the most difficult to be transpersonal with.

To merge with a cockatoo or a koala is as easy as merging with an Ascended Master. Ascended masters do not have human unconsciousness and crap. To merge with a being like an ascended master means you feel their goodness because that's all there is! They get to feel your crap though. But that is why they are ascended they have overcome that and can maintain that connection in full transpersonal consciousness.

This is why transpersonal at a human level with other humans is always so difficult. Humans have baggage and complexity. This is why the soulmate concept often means a challenging relationship as the layers of 'who's stuff is this' gets very confusing.

In the healing section I recommend you nurture your inner spiritual crew to be Archangels, Ascended Masters, Deities and beings of higher vibration. Always go for the top shelf, they can assist you the most. As part of the online healing courses, our spiritual hierarchy let me know if they will work and guide you. I inform you who was there and you can choose to use the Guardian Protocol to take them on as a key inner member.

Nothing beats clear visible evidence in the Third dimension it means there are other things happening at the higher dimensions.

Koala Amazingness

Rapport & paralysis tick removal

This video is very special as it is extremely rare to have an extended interaction with a koala that lasts more than a minute. I talked nicely to this koala for some time at a distance. He had time to adjust to my voice and feel its tonality. When he came far enough down the tree I greeted him. I had already observed he was looking a bit bedraggled. Koalas have their own pandemic that is impacting them, and it is chlamydia. The habitat loss and over-browsing kills their food trees as koalas don't like to travel far. Koalas are now endangered across many states in Australia. I was also curious if he had an injury on his shoulder as his fur didn't look right. Perhaps that was the impact of the ticks (I'm just guessing)?

After greeting him and he did the ritualistic 'sniff' I tried to give him a stroke. Yes, they feel amazingly soft. I noticed he had paralysis ticks on his ear, then his chin when I stroked it. Perhaps this was why he was looking scraggy? What amazed me was his reaction to me removing the ticks. His actions told me he was fine. He kept sniffing and leaning toward me. A few of these ticks were difficult to pluck, and this experience for him would be 100% new. Note his behaviour when I pluck them, especially the forehead (his 3rd eye!) tick.

Tap to watch this cute little man have his 3rd eye entity removed!
To experience this rare interaction with an animal that has probably not met a human before was heart-exploding magic. This video certainly meets the rules of evidence. The full interaction was over 5 minutes. The full version of this plus the techniques are in the LearnWhispering 101 course. Master your Presence skills, you never know when a special opportunity like this will arise with your own native animals who need your help.

The whispering challenge

The fun way to Awaken

Play with your Presence skills and learn to commune with domestic and wild animals. Share your heart and caring for nature. Use any chance encounter as an opportunity to test your Presence skills. Always keep safety as a priority, for you and the animal. How would you react/respond if you accidentally got too close to a dangerous animal like a venomous snake? Your Presence abilities will help you at many levels. Here are some benefits:

1. You'll notice the animal faster! Observation is more acute when in Presence. Your unconscious mind can tell you faster "Hey, that's a snake not a stick" for example.
2. You will 'react' into Presence, not fight-flight. This will also help the animal feel less reactive.
3. You are at choice, you can then be highly alert as to your options. If you know the species and which behaviour is best you can then choose that if required.

I've frequently found myself in dangerous situations with animals. Understanding them and using my Presence skills have kept me safe. Since 2008 I have lived in the state of Victoria in Australia. All snakes in this state are at least venomous, and typically very deadly. A bite means death within an hour without correct protocol and medical intervention. I have yet to experience a threatening tiger, copperhead or brown snake. I often get close to these animals and half of that time it's by chance as we accidentally meet paths. My instant reaction even to these snakes that are the most deadly in the world is instant awe, Presence, joy and extreme vigilance.

You will develop a Presence reaction into sensitivity, alertness and thorough body and inner body awareness. This gives you the best ability to whisper with the animal and be highly responsive to them. This Presence entry will give you the best decisions and contingency planning with the animal.

As pillar No7 is structure this Presence skill set is then transferred into other areas of your life. This whispering skill set you develop with wild pigeons can then be used with annoying customers or workmates. Your acuity in these situations will develop. You'll be able to respond to the clues given by the conduct of the animals and humans.

Another aspect of whispering is your Presence it is often required in milliseconds. Can you enter Presence instantly? Noticing a Tiger snake one footstep away is always a memorable experience. I've had this happen many times. I've even been confronted by one at the edge of a river I was skinny dipping in. This 6th most deadly snake in the world was right next to the exit spot by my clothes - oops! Instant amazement and Presence were my reactions as well as the thought 'this is a tricky situation'! The snake was already staring at me. After staring at each other for a while the snake swam off. Its speed and agility in the water was amazing. Presence/Whispering skills are true life savers in many ways.

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